Design of vinyl windows, shapes and sizes


Vinyl windows come in all shapes and sizes, and they do all the basic tasks you expect: letting in light, framing a view and avoiding the elements. Beyond that, you'll want to choose a window that works with the architectural style of your home, be it colonial style, contemporary red-cedar style or comfortable eclectic style. Look elsewhere, each type of window has its own personality. Knowing what works best will help you choose the right windows for any construction or renovation project.

Early builders chose windows based on the number of pots in each frame – six out of six, for example, or nine out of twelve. Today, your choices are much clearer. The leaves, sliders, flip-flops, fixed windows and combinations of all these styles represent a myriad of alternatives to the classic sash window.

The amount of light that any type of window can admit depends largely on its size, but the shape and location make the difference. For example, a horizontal window placed high on a wall may provide more light than the same window turned vertically.

Ease of cleaning is also worth thinking about, especially if yours is a two-story house or if some windows are hard to reach. A tilting or removable opening that can be easily washed from the inside facilitates and secures the maintenance of windows on the upper floors.

Which colors are best for you ?
In most cases, the colors that suit you best are the colors you prefer. You should be able to find your favorites represented not only among walls and wall fabrics and accessories, but also in a range of styles and designs to suit almost any contemporary home d├ęcor ambience.

Principles of Window Design
Think of the walls of your home as empty canvases that are waiting to be painted with sunlight and views of the outside world. When you consider this ever changing image for your new or renovated home, it is helpful to keep some principles in mind.

See the light .
Light – and shadows created by it – plays a major role in any interior space. When the sun moves, it subtly changes the shapes and patterns of a room.

Bigger is clearer when it comes to windows. It means not only larger windows, but more of them. The rows of sash and fixed glass can reach the ceiling, stretch or even make an entire wall disappear. Ceilings dictate how high you can go, but dropping the windows at or near ground level can provide much more light than standard threshold windows.

How is the view ?
Just as the good frame enhances a darling painting, the windows – now available in any form imaginable – define our experience of the outside world. Of course, not all views are equal. A wooded ravine, for example, offers more visual interest than the side of a neighbor's garage – so analyze the best views of your home and orient your windows accordingly.

Not on the outside .
Today's patio doors are just as attractive and energy-efficient as windows and match styles and finishes. Overcome one with a transom or a fanlight or flank it with a pair of side lights, and you can make a design statement as loud as a well thought out front door.


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