Design with Energies of Ancient Spirituality


Design with the energies of ancient spirituality improves your conscious life, your connection with Mother Earth and the universe.

Our environments, our homes, our houses carry magnetic fields or Auras that affect all aspects of our life. Some add stress, but when they are consciously designed with an effort to synchronize energies, they help us to grow and magnify our efforts that are reflected as an increased abundance and bliss in all aspects of life. Our relationship with the world is becoming harmonious, as is our decision-making. The essence of spiritual design manipulates and balances subtle energy similar to how we balance our body through chakra meditation. The intrinsic design of cosmic energy, yoga of interiors, the use of spirituality as guidance tool, brings pure joy and love. Acquire the spiritual power of your home, take control and become balanced and harmonious with nature. Designing with the energies of ancient spirituality strengthens the connection between you and the universe.

Conscientious alignment of your home with energies means getting to know yourself, your inner self and your home, which reflects your identity. Your home nourishes your spirits, inspires your mind and connects your higher being to the Divine.

Systematic, organized and uncomplicated, neat and cared for, take a moment and reflect on the diagram of the chakras, the lines intersecting at the corners, magnificent lotus petals deploying, your house should deepen your spiritual practice , Improve your connection to the universe, bring love, joy and harmony to you and your family.

The flow of energy from the house to the interior is guided by Ganesha, Lord of the Threshold and First Chakra. Bring positive energy, open up to what the universe has to offer, potted plants and soft furniture keep the flow peaceful. The old wooden haveli wooden doors with abundance urn sculptures, Surya ~ Sun God, fish and peacocks bring magical divine energy. Constructed of warm and friendly wood, a beautiful, softened charm lounge with simple curtains and colorful cushions, old rustic pots and carved wood panels, this is the first step to creating a conscious home for the 39 Mind that is you.

Surround yourself with the elements of the old world that you find seductive, your living space increases your minds and enlightens your horizons. Discover your inner self, the dimension you like and feed you and bring this charming aura into your home. Old textiles, banjara wall tapestries and old embroidered jets blend into the design of nature. Balance the energy of the room with crystals and a natural stone fountain, or be completely different with Shiva dancing in which the locks are hidden the Ganges, the river flowing from the Himalayas to Rishikesh, the dwelling Of the Sages. Design with Spirituality amplifies your energy and creates the path of your growth.


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