Design your home with pets in mind – use your 5 senses


Most of us would agree that we want homes that are elegant, clean, fragrant and harmonious. When our assessment of the home using the 5 senses as a guide, helps to ensure that the needs of all household members are taken into account at the beginning of the planning process of the design. A thorough assessment of how you and your pets are currently living together, to determine what is working well, and what is not ideal is done in order to optimize your new interior design. .

One of the aspects of evaluation is an assessment of the house from the point of view of the five senses for members of the 2-legged and 4-legged family.

The sense of smell, sight, touch, sound and yes, even taste

The questions to ask and answer are:


How do I want my house to look?
This is the only meaning that is most important for members of the two-legged family. While your dog is mocking
if your neighbor agrees with his new paint color or new wallpaper,
there are also considerations for 4-legged limbs. Cats and dogs love
a sunny place to look out the window and watch the world. This has implications
for the types of window treatments we recommend.


What do I want my house to look like?
What type of cleaning products are used
? Burnt candles? Air fresheners being sprayed?
Dogs and cats have a discrimination of smell that humans can only imagine. We
must not forget to consider this reality by answering the question.


What types of textures and materials do we like?
The chenille fabric is warm and comfortable for each of us, what are the advantages and disadvantages
of using this type of fabric when your home is composed of 2 and 4 legs
family members? What do we want our bare feet or paws to walk, and
what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different options in a house with 2 and 4
legged family members?


Are there any noises I want to emphasize? Mask?
Do not forget, the hearing is very acute in dogs and cats.
There are soothing sounds that can be brought into your home and that can also serve a dual function for 4-legged family members. Do not forget the phrase "music soothes the wild beast".


What are the items in your home that your pets can eat?
Cats are known to eat plants indoors. The reason is that cats are wired
to want green grass. There are attractive solutions to offer a tasty treat to your cats, without destroying your plants inside.
Most dogs have a reputation for eating just about anything they can take revenge
. With that in mind, there are smart and attractive choices to keep and keep your garbage cans, laundry baskets and litter boxes, even if you do not have the luxury of keeping them behind cabinets or closets.

Some facts about cats and dogs compared to humans when it comes to the five senses:

The sense of smell of cats and dogs is far superior to that of humans.

Cats have 19 million odor-sensitive cells in their noses, dogs have 200 million and people only 5 million.

While dogs can smell better than cats, the sense of sound is better than that of a dog.

You know how some dogs seem to want to eat almost anything, but cats are often thought of as meticulous eaters?

Well, that's because the taste of cats is more acute than that of dogs. It's one of the senses that is actually stronger for people than for a cat or a dog.


Source by Suzanne Lasky

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