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Your greenhouse design can be as unique as you. There are several basic designs and you can customize any of them for your home, property and gardening needs. The most basic design is to cover a frame that protects plants from the elements. Once you manage this, your choices for drawings bloom from here. You can take a basic design and optimize it for your needs and dreams. Let's look at some to help you get started.

The first consideration is whether you want the greenhouse to be attached to your house or other building on your property. If you decide to attach the greenhouse, a basic design option is the shed. This design has the back wall of the greenhouse attached to the building. You can have an access door from outside, from the building or both. Many like the convenience of an interior door that allows them to enjoy their plants any time of the day or night, cold or hot. This can become a real asset to the value of your home.

If you decide to have a freestanding greenhouse, your options open up. A basic design that many start with is the circle configuration. This is usually done with a PVC pipe bent in a semicircle with each end in the ground. The gardener drapes plastic sheets on the pipe to provide a blanket. There are covers that are more permanent and framing options in this configuration too. Many people like this for a short greenhouse. But, this does not always translate into a permanent design.

If you live in a traditional home, a common design choice is the gable roof greenhouse. This design offers four walls of similar size with an attached gable roof. The square design makes it a convenient option for just about any place on your property. The design goes very well with a similar design house. The greatest need is to tilt the roof in the right direction to optimize the incoming light. This option also works well attached to a home.

The back-to-back design is also available as a standalone version. This option provides a high back wall with a single angled pitched roof to a lower wall. This design works particularly well in areas where the sun lasts farther south. It offers maximum sun exposure all year round in many areas. This design also provides a long wall that is perfect for a workbench and other tools. Some choose to build a shed space on the outside side of the Great Wall to optimize the use of space.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of wind, the geodesic dome is more unusual. It's a greenhouse design that looks like the top half of a sphere. All panels are glass and offer a penetration of light from any angle. The rounded shape makes it an excellent choice for stronger winds. A disadvantage of this design is that there are no straight walls to put a counter against.

Any design will have positives and negatives. You must think carefully about who will work best for your property and needs. You should also consider whether they would look like you would like a long standing building to look on your property. You must consider whether you want a permanent structure or something that will only last a few years. You need to determine if you want the electricity, gas and water to be spread to the greenhouse. All this will allow you to make the right choice for the design of your greenhouse.


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