Disadvantages of Windows UPVC


The argument is whether UPVC windows or replacement windows are environmentally friendly or not. The process required to make PVC is highly toxic, resulting in toxic byproducts. In addition to this, it is pointed out that the biggest problem with UPVC windows is their elimination at the end of their useful life – which seems to be between 10 and 30 years old. Some say that PVC is very easy to recycle, but others point out that in practice, very few PVC windows are recyclable because of the difficulty of separating the components. Nor can it be incinerated because of its composition.

UPVC windows fade! Some become yellow and while it's pretty bad, others go some kind of pink! There are different reasons for this discolouring problem, but without going into too much unnecessary detail about the cause, the remedies are few. You can paint the windows, but is not it necessary to paint one of the main reasons why you wanted UPVC windows in the first place?

Bad weather or extreme weather conditions can cause cracks, expansions or deformations in your PVC double glazed windows.

PVC windows are not so flexible in design or in execution – this can hinder the creative artist in you when you design your pieces!

PVC windows are just not as pleasing to the eye as traditional windows. Again this is a claim that is hotly contested by the PVC fan club. In many cases, the argument depends on the type of building in which the windows are located. If they are inserted into a new construction, the modern structure that allows the window frame wider and bulkier than PVC windows provide by necessity, then they will look good. However if you put them in your turn of the century (19th to 20th century that is), attractive brick, terraced residence, maybe they will not come in so brightly.

Once you have UPVC windows installed, they can not easily be disassembled if they need to be repaired. By that, we do not just want to change a window, but rather structural repairs. This can make them more expensive to maintain, as opposed to a traditional window, which a carpenter or a regular handyman will have to do.

So, go ahead, think about whether you're thinking of throwing those wooden windows onto the pile of wood and investing in new, shiny PVC piles.


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