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For many people, Christmas time is an eventful period of shopping, cooking, writing cards and gift wrapping. And very often, the decoration of the Christmas cake is left at the last minute, so here are some tips to help you along the way.

One of the fastest reasons is a pattern using one of the following: semi-dry fruits, frozen fruits, angelica, cherries and different types of nuts. But keep three or four varieties, otherwise the design becomes too crowded. If the top of the cake is rounded, cut and invert the cake so that the base becomes the top surface. Boil half a jar of apricot jam and squeeze through a sieve. Brush the top surface of the cake with the jam, and cover with a fruit and nut design – a circular design for a round cake and straight lines for a square cake. To give the decoration an attractive shine (and to keep the fruits and nuts in place) graze with jam, and finally, attach a large red or green ribbon around the cake. A similar decoration can be made with marzipan fruits.

If you want to spend a little more time, decorate the top of the cake with a soft frosting, and as usual, use a ribbon, a piece of cake or a strip of Christmas paper to place on the sides. Use the cake base as the top surface again. Spread the sugar dough (frosting) or marzipan, until it is slightly larger than the top of the cake – make sure the dough moves freely. Brush the top of the cake with apricot jam and then spill the cake over the sugar dough, and cut off the excess dough. Place the cake on a cake tray. Spread a length of dough, about half an inch deep, and cut a strip of the same size. Moisten the dough around the edge of the cake and carefully position the band on the wet surface. Make a design on this edge with cake tongs – if you have them. Otherwise, press the handle decorated with a spoon in the dough. Make an unusual decoration for the center of the cake by coloring a little red marzipan and modeling it into a candle. Use a flaked almond for a flame, then surprise everyone by lighting the almond on Christmas day – as the nuts contain oil, the almond flames for a few moments!

Make Christmas trees from a piece of green cone-shaped marzipan. Use sharp scissors and starting at the top, make small cuts all around the tree. Make snowballs from balls of sugar dough, very slightly moistened and covered with roulette, or crystallized sugar. To make holly leaves, roll the dough and cut into a diamond shape. The highlights are made by cutting sections around the edge of the sheet, with either a frosting nozzle or the tip / handle of a teaspoon. Mark the veins on the leaf with the back of a knife.

For those wishing to venture into the field of royal icing, a quick way to use this icing is to create a snow scene. First, apply a layer of marzipan on the cake and let it dry for two days. The traditional way of making royal icing is the egg white and icing sugar, but the icing sugar is now available and already contains the right amount of dried egg white – however, the icing still needs of a good beat!

Test the icing before applying it to the cake. Using a palette, or a table knife, apply glaze about half an inch deep on the cake. Then using the flat surface of the knife makes a slow rebound & # 39; movement on the frosting. The frosting will stay in the peaks if it's the right consistency. Leave until stiff and sprinkle with edible glitter for a sparkling cake. Merry Christmas


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