DIY repair for common LCD TV problems


Due to technological advances, many electronic products have emerged. However, some unpleasant things can happen because of this on the production of models and appliances. The good thing to do is to do it yourself. Here is a guide on how to fix common problems on a LCD TV.

When your LCD screen is faulty due to a high voltage problem, you can leave the TV unplugged for about half an hour so that it can reset itself. Now, if that does not work, check the circuit board that powers the screen. But, if the TV is under warranty, better check first that you will get the right solution to the problem. If the warranty has expired, check the trustworthy internet and look for a service manual to help you identify the source of the problem and repair it in a handy manner.

When the screen appears on half of the image, the problem would probably be a "cold" solder joint in the inductor, the capacitor or one of the components. If you know how to disassemble, assemble, and that you are at hand with a soldering iron, you can simply redo the cold joints.

If you only see the black screen, check the cables if they are properly connected or plugged in. You can also reconnect each cable one by one to make sure they are plugged into the correct input. If your flat screen has a screen saver, see how it is set. If this does not work, the rear projection, lamp, or panel may have been damaged. It is best to call the manufacturer's customer service department to help you identify this technical problem and replace what needs to be replaced.

If your screen continues to turn off, the timer can be turned on. Now, if the timer is not the cause of the problem, you may need to have the unit checked. Have the power supply checked first because the output voltage may not be enough to power the circuit boards. The power supply must be changed or the LCD panel must be replaced.

Now, if the problems are more serious than those mentioned, it is best to check the warranty of the device and speak directly with the manufacturer's customer service. If the service agreement has expired, consult a technician for professional service. But if your TV has been with you for a few years and that it really has had its time, then maybe you need to give yourself a gift and buy a new LCD TV working perfectly.


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