DIY Repair Tips – How to Repair Your Luggage


Your knowledge of luggage repair can be helpful when traveling and you discover one or two rips in your bag. After traveling, you may also have to do with some torn edges in your bag. While high-end luggage brands have their own maintenance and repair team, you must handle your own baggage maintenance issues if you have a cheap travel bag.

Here are some repair tips you might find useful:

Tip 1: Common luggage fabric such as vinyl can be fixed using cement specifically made for vinyl. You can buy it in repair shops that repair the clothes. It's cheaper than having an expert to repair the bag. You simply tear off a piece of cement and glue it to the damaged area. It's like fixing a hole on your roof.

Tip 2: If the tear is large and can not be easily repaired using cement, you can use both the vinyl patch and the cement. Buy a vinyl patch and cut it to the right size of the tear you set. Secure it under the torn area. Seal the area with vinyl cement.

Tip 3: If you have leather luggage and it has a big tear, you can try the same method as the tip 2. Buy a leather patch and cut it in the right size to be affixed to the damaged area. Make sure it's the same color and texture of the leather to have a consistent look. Fasten it using fabric glue. Tip # 4: If there are bumps in your metal luggage or in a hard metal suitcase, open the luggage and use a solid material such as a block of wood to hit the lump on the inside . . You can try to wrap the wood in a cloth first to avoid scratching the metal surface.

Tip 5: Most broken handles can not be repaired. You must replace it. Buy a replacement handle. Remove the old handle from the bag. You may need to loosen the screws or remove the stitches. Once you have removed the old one, attach the new handle. Use the same bolt to attach the handle in place. If it needs to be covered with fabric, buy a similar fabric to your luggage and sew it on the bag.

Tip 6: When you fasten the zipper, try applying a little greasy product on the zipper like soap. If any lumps of fabric get caught in the zipper, lift it up to open the jammed zipper. If it's crooked, you should replace it immediately. If the bag is made of soft fabric, simply remove the dots from the zipper and buy a replacement zipper of the same color and length. Sew the new one in the luggage. For rigid suitcases, the zipper must be fixed by a professional.


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