Do animated videos help to drive website traffic?


Remember how the Internet started? It was just a network of text documents and almost we witnessed the journey of the Internet. Things, of course, have changed for the better and the presence of images, audios and videos is now commonplace.

This new face of the Internet has heavily affected marketing strategies and there is a huge demand for informative and interactive news. and advanced marketing techniques. And what's better than animated videos?

Animated videos are a powerful tool that can have a strong impact on the world of digital marketing. While this may seem new to the uninitiated, tech giants have been using it for years. Microsoft has used animated videos to market MS Office and Windows, as well as companies like Apple, eBay and Fujitsu. Google later caught up with the trend and launched a lively campaign in 2012.

Considering how low the cost of production is, and also that these are more attractive and visible to the public, the future of marketing digital would overflow with all kinds of animated videos and it would not be wrong to say that animated videos would work as a major marketing weapon.

Let's see how animated videos can help increase traffic to the site:

Psychological Impact [19659002] Up to 60% of visitors prefer to watch videos, given that they are available. A video describing the company's commitment to its services and its promises is more likely to be retained by viewers. In addition, there is evidence that people are more intrigued by the videos. people tend to connect instantly with animated illustrations. This is the reason why people who watch videos are 89% more likely to invest in a service or product. In any case, it is more convenient to watch videos than to read text

Immense Potential

When it comes to animated videos, only your imagination is the limit. This form of media has a long-term livelihood. In general, animated videos tend to be as short as possible. This is done in order to keep the client for the duration of the video, and of course, to keep the production cost down.

All you need to do is use creativity and quality.

Complementary Branding

Of all the complex channels available, digital production is one of the most versatile options for anyone looking to create a marketing campaign. potentially viable animated advertising. Such animations can be used seamlessly to match the theme or image of the company.

All told, online video is the ultimate source of traffic and revenue, and accounts for over 90% of global Internet traffic. They are a long-term investment and should be widely used by small, medium and large brands.


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