Do not Replace – Repair Your Windows and Doors UPVC – Save Money and the Environment


The fact that most homeowners in the UK believe that their doors and windows can not be repaired was brought to my attention by listening to a talk show on Radio 2. The topic under discussion was the "fact" upvc windows and doors To be repaired, landfill sites would soon overflow with tens of thousands of windows and doors whose decay would take at least 10,000 years. Absolutely no one called to say that they could be repaired. Which is strange because it is exactly what I and we have done as a business in the last 13 years with many other firms.

When I finally came to the show, the subject was over on the consensus that we were all going to

The radio program had now reinforced in the public mind the fact that the radio was not going to be there. misconception that double glazing is not repairable.

Imagine if people thought and led to believe that their car could not be repaired when part of the car broke and that they had to scrap it and buy a new one. The effects would be:

  1. The cost of a car increases enormously
  2. Scrap is filling up to the point of burst
  3. People suggest that we return to the horse and cart to solve the problem .

Well, that's exactly what is happening already with windows upvc in the UK:

  1. Huge increase in the cost of double glazing
  2. Old but repairable windows are dumped in landfills
  3. People suggest that we return to windows and wooden doors that require regular painting
    and the consumption of several thousand trees.

Now let's take a closer look at the huge cost to households that this misconception is and will have. To fit an average home with double glazing upvc you look around $ 5,000. For a standard conservatory roughly the same amount £ 5,000. Real problems occur about 5 to 10 years after installation. Windows with defects could be repaired at this point, and then regularly repaired and maintained over the next 50 years. However, if the windows are replaced each time a fault arises, the cost over 50 years could be £ 40,000 and up for households with conservatories.

The costs for the environment are enormous. There would be five times more raw material used and energy to manufacture and transport replacement windows over the next 50 years. There would also be 5 times more windows and doors in landfills that will take thousands of years to degrade.

If households return to the wooden windows, it would mean even more maintenance and would encounter problems of the past. the windows and doors were designed to overcome and were so popular to do it. The number of shear trees that should be consumed (and on a regular basis such as wood rots) is unthinkable.

Repairing doors and windows upvc:

Parts that fail are metal moving parts such as hinges, handles, locks and glass units. These parts can be replaced by a repairer upvc double glazing or a competent DIY enthusiast. The only thing that prevents them from being repaired is the misconception that they can not be repaired

To verify that they can be repaired, check your local Yellow Pages under "Double glazing repairs". They had to introduce this topic several years ago. Also check out the website of the company I work for . All we do is repair double glazing upvc and provide hardware parts for others to do the same thing and have done for the last 13 years. I've also recently set up a forum that is free to see or join which is solely dedicated to helping people repair their double glazing upvc.

One of the problems I think is that many double glazing companies have ceased operations. People assume that when the company that manufactured their doors and windows ceased operations, the parts disappeared. This is not the case because window and door manufacturers are separate from the hardware manufacturers. Most, if not all, equipment manufacturers are still trading and selling to new UPVC double glazing companies. Even though the windows look different, the pieces of hardware can be exactly the same. In addition, it is not advantageous for double glazing companies to make it known publicly that what they sell is repairable because they prefer to simply sell you a new window. Often, if you return to the original supplier / installer looking for a spare part, they will warn you that the parts are obsolete while in most cases they are not.


Source by Christopher White

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