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The partridge may not be on the pear tree yet, and the chestnuts will not roast on open fire either. But with the thrill in the air and the revealing buzz of the familiar, merry, old-fashioned tunes of many Underground passengers, you know it's coming and there's no problem. ;stop! It's just, barely 60 days in advance, and the most wonderful time of the year has arrived!

Christmas is the time to give away, family and friends, and extra pounds that will have to be lost at least half of the year ahead. Parties, parties and, you guessed it, parties. This can only mean one thing, dresses and dresses and maybe one more. Unfortunately, you can not panic & # 39; Buy your evening dresses as you would with your parents present. Do not worry, though. Just follow these simple tips and do not wear clothes when it comes to planning the wardrobe of the season, and you will be the beauty of the ball!

The Do's s

1. Know the dress code. Different parties organized by different people with different styles will inevitably have different dress codes. It is therefore important to keep track of these dress codes, for fear of showing inappropriate clothes and to get out the strange woman – or worse!

2. Get red-y! If the extremely mind-boggling decision of knowing what to wear at the next party, well, you're beyond, it's better to be safe rather than sorry. In many Christmas you can never go wrong with the wearing of red. Put on a red metallic party dress, red shoes with ridiculously tall thongs, or even a bright red nose, and you're sure to be comfortable. Why, it certainly worked on Rudolph!

3. Show meaning – humor, that's it! Christmas is the time of joy and laughter, so why not contribute to holiday cheer with an outrageous accessory, or two? Jazz your outfit with sugar cane stockings; you can wear a Christmas hat, light up the fun and funky side, with style. You will certainly be the life of the party!

4. Sparkle! It's Christmas, after all! It's the perfect opportunity to dazzle, so mix and match and shine! The accessories in green and red mixed with a shimmering metallic dress could be the perfect outfit. Or, wear extra glamor makeup with glittery sequins to get you in the mood to party. In other words, do not feel festive – look festive!

The Gift

1. Do not wear Christmas sweaters. At least not in a Christmas party. If it's a party that your mom throws, however, by all means, wear the jumper. You know, the decorations overworked with the snowman decal, or the grinning elf embroidered on the front.

2. Do not wear matching outfits. This should be prohibited for anyone over the age of 6. His and his outfits spell & # 39; his and her corny's.

3. Do not jingle bells. And necklaces. And earrings. And bracelets. Santa's colors will always be haute couture during the holiday season, but do not exaggerate the statement. The only thing that should be tingling and tinkling in a Christmas party are glasses of champagne in a toast.


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