Don’t Be Duped By A Mango


I live in the north and it is very clear to me that mangoes are not here. You can say just by looking at them. The trees in these areas do not produce such big things. So when we buy mangoes at the grocery store, we probably will not know if they are ripe and we do not really know how to treat them when we get them home.

In the region where mangoes grow, you know that the best way to choose a mango is to find a blackberry hanging from a tree – which is not likely at our local grocery store. Mangoes are one of those fruits that do not tolerate early harvests and long distance shipments.

There are two main types: large types of reddish green vegetables (up to eight inches long) and small yellow ones (three or four). inches in length). Mangoes are quite soft at maturity, even sweeter than a ripe avocado. If they were picked in green, they would often become brown in the interior instead of ripening and, in this case, they had a very unpleasant taste. There is nothing to do when this happens, except to throw them into your compost pile.

When you buy mangoes, it's hard to know what's going on under your skin, but here's a tip that will help you; brown spots or imperfections almost always indicate internal problems for a mango, whereas they will have a pleasant and fragrant aroma if they have matured properly.

If you bought mangoes that are not soft enough to ripen and not visibly release. smell nice, put them in a brown paper bag with a couple of semi-ripe bananas. Bananas give off mature ethylene, a gas used to ripen fruit in commercial packing plants. Ripe mangoes are such a treat of taste; it is definitely worth trying to ripen them. But the sad reality is that mangoes picked too early never ripen properly. Therefore, if you buy them green, you always run this risk.

If you buy all-green mangoes, I would recommend using them in your kitchen rather than trying to ripen them. They will have a nice tangy taste. You can dice them and mix them with rice and vegetables, add them to soups, put them in a fruit salad or mix them to accompany them with meat.

Make sure, at some point in your life, to eat fresh ripe mango directly from the tree. There is nothing in the world that tastes so exquisite.


Source by Don Caron

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