Double Cost of Glazing – The Truth Revealed


How do you find the true cost of double glazing? Many double glazing companies want to demonstrate their business and their products and wonder why the retail price of their products is worth as much money, and they will submit an offer at the end of the presentation. this must be taken now and reduce the cost by 50% quickly. Then after a series of third party phone calls to the boss, you could get an extra 20% extra.

Many consumers find this style of work and hard work to try to get the real price. You have to look at what people have to be paid to perform this process. Normal, a telephonist will call for 14 to 20 hours to get an appointment that leads to a representative of the sale entering your home. These appointments cost around £ 120 each. A representative would need 5 of them on average to make 1 sale. Then he would lose with cancellations about 30% of his orders as a customer until he checks the prices of the competition. The seller would earn about 7% commission on average for the sale of double glazing. Who pays the cost of phone calls and the seller? You the client. Then, the seller must have a manager so that he can ring and that the phone closes his orders, which represents an additional cost.

In larger companies, they could have up to 100 managers who, in turn, would need managers to manage the managers they call these regional managers. Extra cost again. Then the regional then respond to a division or a director. All this infra structure must be paid and this mark is put on the product. UPVC extrusions vary in cost, glass can be constant as well as installations and surveying. Customer service centers for poor quality products must be larger.

On the other hand, you can go online and buy directly from a store such as the double glazing that has managed to issue all overhead and you can get the best deal online. Reducing overhead costs in times of economic downturn for businesses is a must. More businesses in the United Kingdom and the United States use the Internet to market and sell products to customers. Why? It costs less and puts the product in the hands of the customer. You can do a lot more research and see more choices online than you could with a traditional retailer. The double glazing retail has been sold as above since the 1970s, but larger companies are starting to struggle as more customers do online research and make their purchases from more streamlined businesses. If you want to get your double glazing at the lowest possible price, start by googling.


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