Drawings and doors of contemporary houses


Contemporary doors are here to be opened. The concept of what is considered a modern design in architecture focuses on the idea of ​​the form that follows the function, that the design must be purpose-based. Modern architecture began in the 20th century and is the primary style for most buildings even today.

As a result, contemporary doors tend to be simple in design, with clean, unadorned lines. This does not mean that they can not be attractive. As it is simple, there are also many door models that show colors, and you can paint a modern door with patterns or prints, depending on the purpose of the door.

Is it an interior door or an entrance door? You have a lot more flexibility with interior doors with paint, and you have the ability to control the flow of your home. When choosing an exterior door, keep in mind that it will be the fight against the elements. Then, of course, there are simple office doors that are all about the function. They are also more durable, returning to the concept that the door is built for a purpose.

As modern homes tend to be smaller in size, the sleek and simple appearance of contemporary doors makes these smaller spaces more open. Contemporary doors come in all styles, from simple wood used for front entrances to secure uses of metals used on basements or panic rooms. The wood can be a solid piece, a laminated lumber or even wood panels. Meanwhile, the metal can be futuristic stainless steel, an old iron, or a hot copper. Do not forget the glass, which can be used in interior or exterior doors to increase your natural lighting with decorative window design options, including frosted or a workout effect.

There are also sliding doors that can be used either as an interior door (especially sliding wooden doors) or as an exterior glass door. And, of course, there are doors that combine the three elements, keeping this modern style while using all the design potential of metal, wood and glass. There are even places online that allow you to design yours, making it the most unique part of your home.

Contemporary doors are a simple choice for people looking for a minimalist design at their home, which makes the design fluid and adds another purpose to the building. Durable, functional and elegant contemporary doors work well with modern spaces.


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