Dream-Building – 5 Simple Healthy Living Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals


Everyone is dreaming of being fit, healthier, thinner, richer or happier. Do you sleep at night, your mind overflowing with ideas and when you wake up, smile, happy to be alive, eager and eager to stay stuck in your day? Or are you stuck in a rut; related to work you hate or a relationship that slows you down and you want to break up with you?

In today 's message, I will share with you five simple tips on healthy living that you can use to encourage you to see how easy it is to find a way to make your life a reality. dreams.

Five Healthier Life Tips to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

1. Take Care of Your Health

It's the only way to make your dreams come true.

C & # 39; key ingredient in building a dream. A healthy body is essential to your well-being. Take the time to watch the rain, be honest and look at your physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial health. What do you think of what you see? Are there areas you would like to change and be different?

Action Council : If you want to improve something, whether it's losing a few pounds, saving £ 5 a week or taking the bus to work that driving, by making a conscious effort to do so, will make you feel better and righteous inside.

2. Nourish and feed your kernel

Take the time to rest and take care of yourself. From a yoga perspective, you promote your inner beauty through the natural care of your body. The yogi sees his physical body as a temple that houses your soul. True beauty is a reflection of your inner self radiating and touching others.

Action Council : Apply simple skin care techniques, such as brushing dry skin, spraying your face or even giving you a hand massage to align your body and your body. mind.

3. Be Excited

Chances are you'll be immersed in the mundane issues of your everyday life, you've forgotten the joy of spontaneous laughter and l & # 39; fun.

Have you seen a child run, jump and SPLASH! the first feet in a puddle, but his mother took him away and blamed him for getting wet?

Action Council: Well, just for today, be like the child splashing in the puddle of water, wet yourself well, make a phone call, write this letter, order this book, take a small step and do something that will make your heart sing and make your eyes shine.

4. Record Your Dream

There is power in words written or spoken. Take your time, find someone you trust, and share your story and song in the heart. If there is no one in your life with whom you can do this, send me your thoughts and I will keep your space and pray for you until you can keep your own space.

Action: Write your dreams, write a poem or, if you prefer, record in audio or draw it. Whatever your favorite media, do it. And remember that you can send me your creations.

5. Releasing Attachment to the Result

The philosophy of yoga encourages you to say your text and then to keep your peace. To learn to stay still and release all the expectations and desires of the way you think your dream world should be. Yes, it is good to explain clearly how you want life to be, but the essence of life is to be open to all possibilities. You never know what's happening around the corner and the more you focus on a particular thought, and if it's aligned with the purpose of your soul, the more opportunities you bring to make your dream come true – a step at a time. .

Action Council : Learn to meditate or practice a mind-body activity, such as yoga, as a means to deepen your spiritual connection and understanding.

As you can see, there are many ways to reach your goals. it all starts with the fact that you take the time and energy necessary to take care of your most precious, your health, and that you are not worried about the fact that you are not where you want to be, where you are, save wherever you want. to be, relax the attachment to income and always have fun taking care of yourself.


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