Durability of bamboo flooring


Why is bamboo for me?

With a warm and inviting look, a bamboo floor makes a great addition to any home. The high durability and robustness of the material make it a perfect choice for high traffic homes such as those with very active pets or even children. Braided bamboo is one of the most stable woods for wooden floors. Bamboo is also very ecological. It can be planted, grown and harvested with little or no impact on the environment that surrounds it. Because of its rapid growth process, bamboo is much more environmentally friendly than other slower growing hardwoods.

Some of the other benefits of a bamboo floor include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Allergen Free
  • Can be sanded and refurbished as any other hardwood floors
  • Coordinates easily with any decor
  • Excellent for commercial use or high traffic areas
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Minimal Withdrawal / Minimal Expansion
  • Aesthetics
  • Less sanding and finishing than most other hardwood floors

Is Bamboo So Resistant?

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable wood. This combined with the lamination process that it goes through to produce the final result boards creates a product that is extremely resistant to damage.

TIP: One thing to consider when choosing your floor is to choose between standard bamboo or braided bamboo. While both are very beautiful, woven bamboo planks are actually made from bamboo strips that have been compressed and glued together. Although this leads to a harder product than even regular bamboo floors, it can sometimes be limited depending on the color choice depending on the supplier you decide to use.

But what's wrong?

One thing most people worry about with wood floors in general is "what if I spilled something on it?" Never fear, unlike most hardwood floors, as long as you do not sit for a long period of time, the spills will not touch a bamboo floor like a standard wood floor. In addition, clean is a child's game! Just a simple dry mop and a little vinegar water will give it a new look. If the unimaginable happens and you have * tail the dramatic music * a scratch … No worries! Bamboo is very easy to sand and to put a little finishing. There you go! Good as new and no expensive replacement or other headaches.

Tip: It's possible that over time, the finish of your floor will fade. To be able to keep the color change as uniform as possible, you should try to change your furniture once in a while. This will allow the entire soil to obtain equal amounts of wear. Some manufacturers sell bamboo floors that resist fading. This would be a definite option to keep in mind!

Whatever the reason for choosing your new bamboo flooring, you can enjoy it for many years. With unparalleled durability, you'll be happy with your new bamboo floor.


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