Earth Day: Party While Saving the Planet!


Earth Day is a very important holiday! Everyone cares about the planet we leave to our children and we have to pass on the responsibility from generation to generation, doing second nature to be responsible and leaving it green for the next generation!

This kind of Earth Day will require some planning and organization, but it will teach the pride and value of a job well done and promote the responsibility learned from conservation, preservation and cohabitation! We only have one world we have to share with all creatures. Start early, prepare leaflets announcing a neighborhood party and the Earth Day program, and ask for help from teenagers in your area by having them distribute leaflets.

Earth celebrations vary according to the region in which you live, but everyone can learn from how to make the world a better place for all living creatures, big and small. Earth Day can begin with teens who adopt one side of the road. Under the supervision of an adult, they can pick up trash, separate them for recycling and pick them up or deliver them to recycling centers. The team that fills the most bags (or maybe all teams can win) wins a prize. If you ask in advance, local pizzerias, video rental stores and merchants throughout the course are almost always willing to offer coupons for free gifts to the winners. You can make a Earth Day video, roadside teens, and young people reciting Earth Day ecological facts, centered on the importance of preserving the ecosystem, with each child planting their own. tree.

Finally, everyone on the block can congregate in a central location, to celebrate with a roast hot dog, using recyclable containers for their Earth Day. The bits of the recording can be broadcast on local radio or television, and pictures can be displayed in the newspaper.


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