Easy Leather Repair Methods


As human beings, of course, mistakes and accidents occur from time to time. This is especially heavy if something happens to expensive property in your home, especially the ones you love in your everyday life. I am referring, of course, to your leather furniture.

Leather repairs are a quick and easy way to revitalize your leather and make it look younger! Certified technicians can smooth the lines of time away from your leather furniture. Sometimes there are scratches, cuts or tears from areas of heavy traffic on this sectional living room. Or the corners of the sofa have bumps, tears, or gouges to be bumped? Maybe your favorite chair has scratches and rough spots from the family dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat plays too exuberantly. Whatever the case may be, leather repair can help you help you by turning your leather furniture into the bright and flawless piece that it once was.

Scratches and cuts that may displease you visually are not compatible with the right techniques. When using special and flexible compounds designed for low to moderate damage or superficial scratches, the application of thin layers will gradually fill the openings. Gently applying the compound to the area to be repaired with a light metal tool or knife may smooth this type of damage, provided you do not overly thicken it between layers. Also, be sure to wipe the knife between applications so you do not spill the excess unnecessarily.

If you have a bigger slice or scrape into the cushion or cross your couch, even a cut or a gouge, do not worry … there are ways to minimize them too! By using unique and slightly different leather repair compounds than those before, which have increased strength and durability through heat, these damaged areas will soon be a distant memory. Again, you will need a firm hand and great patience to apply thin layers and treat them before applying others. If there is a large cut, you may need to use a sub-patch material to enhance the leather's strength. Continue filling the void with the leather repair compound and harden with heat until the area is smooth again.

Sometimes your couch, sofa, chair or recliner is in fabulous condition, but the color of the leather inevitably fades? There is even a solution for that: by dying your furniture! There are many methods, but the best results are achieved with a custom three-step process. Usually, the best results are obtained when a professionally trained technician personally matches and is hand-made a custom mixed dye to match your furniture. Each piece is then carefully cleaned and examined closely for any problem that requires more leather repairs. Next, the leather is prepared with an exclusive chemical blend designed to open the pores of the skin so that the dye is more easily absorbed. The dye is applied either by manual application of a sponge or slowly and evenly by thin-film air spray. The air brush allows a more natural and even look. Regardless of the application, each layer is treated with hand-heated air, to ensure maximum adhesion and increased resilience.

Another option for some is to change the color of the leather furniture. You do not need to get rid of that high quality sofa or chair that you have had for years, simply because you do not like the color anymore. The color can be updated by this same dyeing process, as described above, and the results speak for themselves. You will be amazed by the results. Make sure to condition and take care of your leather regularly. Your leather will never have been better except maybe the day you bought it. Your friends and guests from home will be amazed, and may even think that you have bought new furniture!

In short, before making hasty decisions about a timeless quality leather piece of furniture that may seem a little rainy, explore your options first! You can easily repair the leather, and also refresh it with a new dye, or even a completely different look with a different color!


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