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The design of an energy efficient home is becoming more and more desirable nowadays. Gasoline prices and electricity costs are skyrocketing and there seems to be an end in sight.

While it may seem obvious that energy saving will save you money, there are many ways to achieve additional savings. an energy efficient home design right from the beginning of the process of your dream home. Even if you are not yet able to build your green home, you can dream and do research on every facet of your home without paying a fortune for it.

~ Consider hiring an architect to maximize your space energy efficiency. Depending on the "custom" that you want your new home to be, an architect can end up saving you money in the long run.

~ Remember to buy a house plan that has been designed to be energy efficient. As the demand for such housing increases, more and more architects and home planners are responding with energy efficient designs.

~ Some builders offer a design option in addition to their construction services. Do some research to decide if it suits your particular situation.

~ Do not "overload" your foundation. A structural engineer can tell you what the requirements are for the location you have chosen.

Also, think of a smaller "footprint" for your foundation – it could save you hundreds of dollars in materials. The pieces above the foundations can be emptied or cantilevered without sacrificing security.

~ Maximize your storage space (even in a small house) by planning to use an otherwise "wasted" space. * Will there be space under a staircase that you can use for storage?

* How about narrowing your hallways and increasing the size of rooms?

* Closets in the lobby will expand the rooms. Plan to have all sleeping areas on the same floor. If you do, you can choose a split HVAC system – with the ability to heat or cool only the floor you currently occupy. This advanced type of "space heating" can save you a lot of dollars.

~ Create an open floor plan. This could be the most neglected energy efficiency strategy of all. An open energy-efficient home design will not only make your space bigger and more comfortable, but you'll save on framing, drywall, electricity, trim, paint, and even costs air conditioning and heating!

~ Power of solar energy in your home.

~ Consider building an ICF home. The insulated concrete houses are renowned for their high energy efficiency as well as for their safety and soundproofing qualities.

~ Look in SIPS construction. Structural insulation panels are a popular option for more and more homeowners who desire a high level of insulation for their home.

~ With wood construction, find out about the drywall dry approach (ADA). This system aims to make the house as "watertight" as possible to prevent the air currents from increasing your energy consumption and subsequent bills.

We have more choices and options than ever before in terms of energy efficiency. I hope you will strongly consider building your new home with an energy efficient home design. Your planning can now bring you a future of lower bills and greater comfort while conserving the resources of our planet.


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