Enjoy a Farm Self Catering Holiday on the Dorset and Devon Border


Wake up, look out the window and look across the meadows into the valley – watch the cattle in the parlor and listen to the birds singing. In the distance, the sound of the stream babbling – why not take a walk along its banks later, and then evacuate the hill to the forest for a picnic.

Leave behind all your worries and taste the country life on a working farm in the beautiful countryside of West Dorset and East Devon. Collect eggs for breakfast, take a guided tour of the farm, take beautiful walks or just relax and soak up the countryside.

Taste a real taste of country life – join in feeding animals with children, walk hand in hand in the woods and fields for a romantic break, watch wildlife and learn a farm in activity.

All of this is waiting for you if you are taking an independent cottage holiday on a working farm. If you live in a big city and you need a break and a time to recharge your batteries, a farm catering is the ideal solution. As you head to the part of England where Devon and Dorset meet, the pace of life slows down a bit. Take the time to soak up the wonderful landscape – gentle hills, colorful meadows and slow-flowing rivers to the beautiful Lyme Bay coast.

Going through the farm gate, you can see the farmer with his trusty farm dog by his side – you can rest assured of a warm welcome from him and his family. They are proud of their farm and the surrounding countryside and want you to enjoy and enjoy the rural lifestyle.

As you settle in your vacation home surrounded by the most beautiful countryside, you can relax while your earthly concerns float.

Your stay at a working farm will give you a glimpse into the world of farmers. Take a look through fields and orchards of crops and ripe fruit, visit the milking parlor or newborn lambs and watch the plow engraving its designs on the side of the hill.

The quality of many farms is noteworthy – interesting buildings that in many cases have lasted for hundreds of years. Cottages carefully converted into fabulous vacation homes by families who have owned farms for generations. They want to share this world with the vacationers who, they hope, will come back again and again and tell their friends about their wonderful farm holiday experience.

To add to this wonderful vacation experience, take a short trip to the nearby Lyme Bay coast – the coast is renowned for its fossil hunting, breathtaking natural beauty and sheltered harbors. Indeed, the coastline at the West Dorset and East Devon border is known as the Jurassic Coast and for good reason. The coastline spans 95 miles from Dorset to East Devon and is a truly amazing sight, with rock formations recording 185 million years of Earth's history.


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