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If you are planning a festive holiday in one of the alpine resorts, this is not just the skiing you need, there are also many other activities. A break for skiing in the Alps will also offer you the perfect opportunity to discover the excellent Christmas markets of the region. Here are some examples that can be included in your festive holiday itinerary.


The Monteux Christmas Market is ideally located in a region dominated by the impressive mountains and waters of Lake Geneva. A host of specialty stalls sell an assortment of festive treats and guests can mingle with locals and choose holiday souvenirs at reasonable prices. Children will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus at Noye Rocks Cave and hear enchanting Christmas tales at Chillion Castle. While the majority of tourists are there to ski in the Alps, the markets offer an answer to more energetic activities.


Annecy market booth owners create a wonderful scene by dressing up an assortment of traditional clothing. They sell everything from hand-made ornaments to creative festive images and local products. If you are in the area for a ski vacation in the Alps, you will have the opportunity to do good business before indulging in culinary delights in such restaurants as Bilboquet and Contresens. Romantic walks can be enjoyed under the soft light of Christmas lights and special moments can be shared while watching the reflections on the beautiful Lake Annecy.


There is a wide variety of very popular Christmas markets in the UK, but few people are attracted to the German market of Innsbruck. Located in the historic surroundings of the old town and blessed with gentle snowfall, it is a paradise for winter shoppers. Colorful Christmas decorations, hearty Bavarian dishes and handmade gifts are available in the many stands. Children can take rides in the rides and revel in sweet cotton candy, while some enjoy the opportunity to attend beautiful musical performances on local sites after a day of skiing in the Alps.


The Kitzbuehel mountain resort is best known for hosting world-class alpine skiing competitions. However, if you visit Christmas, you may be surprised to see the medieval city center turned into a magical winter wonderland. The distinctive sound of choral songs can be heard above the cacophony of enthusiastic party buyers. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, you can watch the frenzied festive scene while sipping a drink in one of the most popular apr├Ęs-ski venues.

St Gallen

Nothing condemns the attractiveness of the Swiss Christmas market in St. Gallen. Take a stroll through the snowy streets and admire the views of the historic sites, then take a break to think festive under the illumination of the Christmas tree before going on a series of trips from the market stalls. The delicious biberli biscuits are not to be missed. Visiting food lovers will also be able to try the traditional Swiss raclette after being delivered to a retail therapy session.


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