Entice Customers With the Salvadore Ice Cream Fridge


It's no secret that there are ice cream lovers everywhere. It is one of those pleasures that everyone still enjoys during the summer because it refreshes you in the most delicious way. In addition to the sense of taste, you must attract customers to your living room or cafe, so you must play on their sense of sight to make a sale. The ice cream refrigerator Salvadore does it perfectly.

The Salvadore ice cream refrigerator has a width of 1200 mm and is designed with modern curves along the side panels. The front and top panels are a solid piece of glass that has a rounded edge to combine the top and front window that allows for better viewing. The transparent top and front view through the glass allows customers to see all the colorful flavor options in the interior. Make sure containers are always topped for maximum effect. This unit can also be mounted on a table if needed for perfect point-of-sale display.

In addition to a beautiful display design, it has the technology to back up too. This unit keeps the frozen good perfectly cooled with a temperature range between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius. The high quality digital temperature controller gives you the freedom to set the temperature to the desired range for optimal refrigeration. For an enhanced customer experience, the front window is heated so that when customers touch the window, they do not leave their hands cool, although the main purpose of the heated window is to avoid the build-up. condensation for a clearer display. The ice cream refrigerator is manufactured with the interior of category 304 stainless steel. It has an output power of 0.5 kilowatts and measures 1,200 x 540 x 790 millimeters with a total weight of 115 kilograms. It comes with five 5 liter polycarbonate storage stoves so you can display five different flavors of ice cream. Imagine a commercial refrigerator filled with flavors of chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum, vanilla and banana. The multicolored variety will appeal to customers and they can take on more flavor because everything will look so delicious.

The Salvadore Ice Cream Chiller impresses customers with its modern design, clear window, refrigerated cooling capacity and interior. high quality lighting. It perfectly combines design and technology. No one can resist the ice that is exposed in this modern restoration equipment .


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