Erogenous Zones on a Woman – 5 Places on a Woman's Body That Will Turn Her to Jelly


The body of a woman is filled with very sensitive areas called erogenous zones that, when stimulated, can really excite her. This article will show you five erogenous zones on a woman.

1. First of all, there is the back of his legs, especially the soft jaw at the knee joint. Some gentle blows and kisses during foreplay make women wild.

2. The back of her neck is another very sensitive area that can wake her up when she is neat.

3. Another erogenous zone on a woman is her ears, a soft blow in the ears or a kiss and a lollipop of her ear lobes can cause a really horny woman.

4. A little more obvious than others is her breasts, now these and especially her nipples are very sensitive. When you touch her breasts for the first time, it is best to avoid her nipples until she is excited or she can find it ticklish and start laughing.

5. The best of all erogenous zones on a woman is her vagina because of the amount of pleasure you can give her when you stimulate her properly.

After stimulating all the above mentioned parts, you should give her a cunnilingus that will give her a screaming orgasm in seconds because she will be so horny. Lick her vagina slowly for a few seconds, then put your foot on the gas and increase the speed until she screams your name out loud while enjoying the orgasm of her life.

There are more erogenous zones on a woman but those above will give her the pleasure of touching them.


Source by Michael Harradine

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