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The "Windows Minimum Memory Too Low" error is a common error in Windows 2003, 2007, and 2010 operating systems. It suggests the existence of possible problems with your computer's memory . The component that allows the computer to use the hard disk as RAM or RAM, is the virtual memory; Not only that, it works in launching programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office features.

What are the causes of this virus?

"The virtual memory of the window is too weak. Windows increases the size of your virtual memory exchange file. Application requests may be denied during this process."

This error is usually due to the fact that Windows does not have enough memory on its system, which causes a slowdown of your PC and an error of this type. Basically, the error "virtual memory is too weak" is a common problem with Microsoft Office, but other programs and applications are not completely spared. The error will be sent to you in a message on the screen like this:

How to solve this problem

Microsoft is aware of the error "virtual memory is too low" and has designed Microsoft Fix problems for virtual memory. It will increase the current size of the computer system RAM by 1.5 times the percentage of random memory access currently used. As for the maximum size value of the RAM, it will be improved up to three times the current size.

Download the patch from the official Microsoft website

When you get to the page, go to the RESOLUTION section and click on the "Microsoft Fix it" tab

From the choices, select Run under the Download Box file. A series of simple instructions will guide you next.

This fix from Microsoft should ideally fix the problem you have with virtual memory; however, it is possible that this does not work.

If this happens, you can solve the problem yourself by manually increasing the memory of your computer system. Completing this task will give Microsoft Office and other programs the RAM they need to function properly, without error.

Click Start> My Computer> Properties; proceed to the ADVANCED option in the System Properties dialog box. The PERFORMANCE window will appear and from there, click on the SETTINGS tab then ADVANCED

The "CHANGE" option will appear and you will need to select this particular option in the Virtual Memory window. You must then change the values ​​"initial size" and "maximum size" to be higher.

Next, press SET, then click OK to confirm the command. You can now close the Performance Options dialog box and the System Properties dialog box by clicking the OK button.

Finally, run a reliable registry cleaner like the Frontline Registry Cleaner. Its updated and easy-to-use features will ensure that all registry issues are handled effectively; you can easily use this software without fear of damaging the database. This is the easy way to fix the error problems you are experiencing.


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