Escaping the holiday season


The Christmas holidays are upon us. They mark the beginning of a complete series of social gatherings, eating and drinking excessively and spending time with family. Some people enjoy buzzing, giving and sharing good times, but some people prefer to escape the festivities for a "peace on earth".

All households do not congregate for roast turkey, potatoes and all toppings during Christmas. Each year, a significant number of boat enthusiasts opt for an alternative celebration. Accompanied by a small group of family and friends, they will go on the water with a vial and a roll of turkey to feed themselves.

All time clothing will replace the traditional Christmas sweater and party hat. the Queen's speech another time. On a sunny winter morning, what's more fun than heading for still waters?

With a little planning and preparation, you can be ready to make the most of the limited boating hours that are offered on

Winter Boat Preparation

In addition to l With the usual equipment and controls, your boat will benefit from a little time and attention if you want to keep it on the water during the colder months. 19659002] • The good news is that with a boat maintained in salt water, it is unlikely that the liquids will freeze. You can, however, run the antifreeze through the raw water system if you have any concerns after a particularly cold episode.

• It may make sense to change the propane gas supply because it has a lower freezing point than butane. the addition of gravel can be useful to prevent the bridges from slipping and present a risk of slipping.

• Batteries may require additional recharging during the winter months

• It is even more important to check regularly

A reliable supplier of quality brand boat parts can be helpful in ensuring spare parts and spare parts are delivered quickly.

Personal Safety

The warmer you are, the easier it is to think clearly and work well, so wrap. Cold fingers can make it more difficult to perform tasks, so you need a good pair of gloves and do everything possible to keep the ropes out of the water.

The temperature of the sea drops considerably during the winter months. If someone falls to the sea, they can be paralyzed by shock. It is therefore important to pay attention on board and always wear life jackets.

Pay close attention to shipping and weather forecasts, while keeping an eye on the clock. It is easy to get carried away and not to notice that time passes. You do not want to be stuck at sea when the sun goes down.

Finally, enjoy every moment of an exhilarating day on the water, smug knowing that you have avoided the terrible jokes of cracker!


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