Everything you need to know about designing the south facing house


A south facing home plan is supposed to make you feel relaxed and be financially strong. When designing this house, you must make sure that the door is located in the south or 4th Pada in the south direction. The reason for this is because there is a strong belief that when the door is facing south, it is a good sign.

You have to make sure that the master bedroom and overhead tank are located on the southwest corner. When designing the master bedroom, you should be careful that you do not compromise the space for the design of the front elevation.

You should leave enough open space in the east and north sides. You should avoid leaving plenty of space in the south because it is a sign of bad things. You should also avoid building a septic tank, sump, garden or porch in the southwest direction.

Some of the best things to build in the southwest direction is the office or store. Finding both in this direction is a sign that you will prosper and improve your financial situation as a homeowner. When designing the shop or office, you need to make sure that the south wall is much larger than the north wall. It is about bringing better results.

When it comes to the septic tank, you should build it on the north side of your house.

In order to avoid bad luck, the staircase must be oriented to the south, west, southeast or northwest of your home. It should never be in the northeast corner of the house.

If you are still buying a plot You should buy one that slopes from south to north. If you do not know the directions of the area, you should ask your architect to help you.

You must locate the kitchen in the southeast or northwest corner. When cooking, you should face east or west.

If you like to have a garden, you should locate it in the southwest corner. You can plant trees in this direction, but you need to make sure that they are not too high covering your home.


Have seen, there are many tips that you should consider when designing a house facing south . To achieve ideal results, you must work with a certified and experienced architect.


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