Exotic Swimwear – 8 Tips For Safely Removing Body Hair at Home Before Wearing a New Bikini in Public


Whatever the size, shape or purity of an exotic swimsuit, before you can appear in public with a bikini, a thong, a chain, a Brazilian cut or a sensual swimsuit d & A room, you will have to shave the areas of your body that are not covered by the fabric of the bikini.

If you've never shaved that part of your body, there are recommendations for the event to be a fun adventure. It's really not so scary. After doing it several times at home, you might even feel like you are feeling cleaner and sweeter and you will not want to go to an expensive trade show.

Before attempting to remove visible hair, be sure to use a new razor, not a used razor where the blades might be dull (causing you unnecessary anxiety when you cut yourself).

1. Depending on the density and amount of hair, it is best to pull your long hair and cut as close to your skin as possible. To do this, use a pair of baby scissors (with dull tips) or an electric razor specifically designed for areas of the woman's body. You may not want to use a lawnmower because they are a little big and clumsy. Scissors or an electric razor will help remove most of the hair.

2. Do not forget to approach this task at a slow speed, because if you try to move your hand too quickly on this sensitive and sensitive area, you may hurt yourself and hurt yourself.

3. After cutting or cutting shorter hair, you will want to take a wet and warm washcloth and apply it on the area for a minute or so to soften the skin before you start shaving.

4. With a cream or chemical shave gel, lather the area well. This will certainly help you see where you are shaved. A word of caution … never try to shave delicate areas without applying cream or gel, as the pain and cuts will take a long time to heal.

5. To avoid having to worry about ingrown hairs, consider using shaving lines that follow the direction in which your hair grows … at least during your first shaving tests. In addition, apply long, slow, smooth movements and avoid shaving repeatedly on the same area as you may scratch sensitive skin.

Yes, you may remember a lot, but if you skipped a few points, you'll still be able to retouch tomorrow. Prevention is better than cure.

6. Your next step is to tighten your skin in rebellious areas before shaving, then rinse with clean cold water. If you shave in the shower, this should not be a problem.

7. Remember not to use highly scented soaps, cleansers or detergents as your delicate skin will be exposed and more likely to react to a scented substance.

8. Once you have finished shaving and washing, be sure to lubricate this area with a moisturizer containing vitamin E. If you notice pigs, you can place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag or washcloth . apply it on your skin to close your pores. Some women use an astringent with salicylic acid to avoid ingrown hairs, but this is not usually necessary.

Do not forget to take the same precautions as if you shave your legs with a new razor for the first time. Now that your shaving adventure is over, put on your exotic swimsuit stockings and admire yourself in the mirror.


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