Expert Beauty Tips To Survive The Holidays In Style


Now watch how frantic your schedule is this holiday season, you can celebrate the holidays in breathtaking style and avoid the common beauty problems of the season with the following expert beauty tips. Looking gorgeous for all the festive seasons has never been easier.

Conceal under the eyes of the bags – Place a small contour point of the cream or powder on the area of ​​the puff under the eye and mix well. Then, using a thin makeup brush or a Q-tip apply highlighter directly into the crease under the puffy area and mix. Now cover with the foundation and put with some powder for the face.

Revitalize flat, lifeless hair – Turn your hair around and spray a volumizing spray on the roots below, flip your hair back and apply a volumizing spray to the upper roots. Then, using a hair dryer put on low-blow rats for one minute then make the upper roots for one minute.

Disguise of Bloodshot Eyes – Use a dark blue eyeliner and mascara. Blue will bring out the white in your eyes and dilute the red.

Go From Office to Party – To take your makeup from work to party, all you need is a glittery eye shadow, a lip gloss, an eyeliner to retouch and a face powder . To take your work wardrobe to the party, you have to start with a black dress or a top and bottom combo that will work for the day with a business jacket or one of those popular sweaters of those seasons and who can be transformed into party clothes one of the following: glittering earrings and a set necklace, a gold cardigan or sliver, or try one of the warm velvet jackets of the season.

Rejuvenate Your Complexion – Before going to bed, remove all makeup and thoroughly clean your face. After cleansing your face, massage your skin with a vitamin-enriched moisturizer for approximately 3 minutes to nourish your skin, stimulate blood circulation and create a healthy natural glow.


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