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Many contests include photogenic competition, and you should definitely enjoy it. Why? Because your child's picture will be seen by the judges before the start of the show, it will give the contest judges the first chance to see your daughter well – closely and personally. Because the contest photo is so important, most parents choose to have photos taken by professional photographers.

With sequined pictures, many pictures are taken of your child while she is wearing makeup and hairstyles. You and the photographer choose some of the best photos, and these are enhanced to create a perfect picture. The eyes are usually larger, and their natural color could be brightened. Eyelashes are also added. The lips are made fuller, and the shape of the face could even be slightly modified. The skin is made to look flawless, and all the hair is in place in the final product. With glitter pictures, some photographers have items that your child can wear for the session. If not, or if you want more choice, bring your headbands, feathers, hats, fringes, jewelry, beads or other ornaments. Only the top of the shoulders and the face are visible in the final results. In fact, often, just a piece of cloth is wrapped around the girl's chest for a photo shoot. Pretty much everything that is bright and colorful will work. Natural photographs are becoming increasingly popular in contests, and these are usually taken by a professional photographer. These could be complete body shots or head shots.

Popular themes for outfits for pageant natural photos include cowgirl, country, punk, and vintage. Some girls prefer to dress in dresses and make their pictures while holding flowers. Many natural recovery photos are taken outdoors, and some include props. These may include an old van, a rustic fence, a pond or lake, an old building, or railroad tracks. For some reason, railroads have become very popular as a background.

In general, the more creative the image, the more points it scores. The photographs are marked on originality, natural beauty, and quality. Classic black and white photographs can also be used for pageant photos, in the natural photo category and in the photo glitz category. Of course, with this type of photography, you will not have to worry about bright colors.

Choose plain colors or fabrics with bold patterns instead. A good idea is to try some of both during the photo shoot. Later, you will have more eyes to choose from. If you are serious about competitions and want to be really competitive, do not skimp on the contest photos. Keep your photos updated and up to date.

Find a photographer who has the habit of taking pictures just for the contests, and see examples of his work before hiring. If you do not know enough about what judges usually look for in contest photos, do not be afraid to ask in the world of pageant tips on selecting a winning photographer.


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