Exterior Door Frames and the Front Door Say Much About Life


There is nothing that says more about a house and its occupants than the quality and style of its front door and the layout of its exterior door frames.

In Britain, the gateway has come to mean many things in life. This is the portal through which we walk after a long and stressful work day. He has the strength to slam him against the world. It is weather resistant. It has a lot of locks and devices to keep us safe. It's through the front door that we welcome visitors and expel others who are not welcome.

Historically the gateway was a drawbridge to your castle where it would be lowered for friends and raised against the enemies. Many modern solid wood entrance doors mimic these early examples of riveted oak in Gothic iron, with in addition a small window grilled as a look and all mounted in arched outer door frames.

The seventeenth century moved away from the fortification to adopt a much more distinguished and less aggressive lifestyle, where the aristocracy wanted to impress. The Baroque produces heavy square and square entrance doors juxtaposed with the architectural excesses of their porticoes and surrounds to create a show for visitors and a taste of the delicacy to be enjoyed on the inside.

The eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries witnessed tremendous growth in the merchant and middle classes where the owners of Britain imitated the aristocracy and where British cities were decorated with square Georgian doors in neo-Gothic colors. classics. the other to stand out.

Another explosion in the construction of houses during the reign of Victoria created the red brick terrace. A beautiful painted four-panel solid wood entrance door and fitted with polished brass created the entrance through which proud residents would drive their visitors to the best front lounge.

The 1930s Art Deco doorway reacted against the human waste of war, ridding itself of everything that had preceded it. Sunburst light beam lamps placed in moldings and geometric panels indicated a philosophy of modern thought, healthy living and change.

Again in the 1960s, a post-apocalyptic era similar to the 1930s, was strung into the art, the new concrete buildings and the excess of light in the house where all Victorian , including the entrance gates, were discarded or neutralized. .

Modern entry doors are now much more eclectic. Whether Gothic, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco or something more modern; exterior doors and entrances will continue to reflect people's aspirations in life.


Source by John A Holland

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