Fabulous Beauty Tips – Which Cosmetics Create the Perfect Finish?


Why is it so important to have access to makeup and cosmetic tips before use? An honest answer is because some women do not have a clue about how to apply makeup properly to create the perfect finish. Each beauty product will be tried and tested to the extent that it is given the right one after reaching the last step to prove that it will do the job for which it was deliberately developed. If these products are not used as a result – then heaven forbid.

Go girls be honest, have you ever joked at the expense of another because of their lipstick hue or the way it has been applied. We have more women walking like Coco the Clown than a natural beauty. There is a technique for applying cosmetics and buying them. Yes; It all starts at the store counter. Using the wrong beauty product can only hurt you. Ideal beauty products for your skin type and hair coloring are essential.

The first step to be beautiful is to ask yourself, do you really need cosmetics. The natural beauty comes from the inside. If you feel naked with lipstick, then you must discover the ropes.

Useful tips below.

Aloe Vera – Resembling the cactus, it is a plant associated with the Lily family. Some varieties have valuable medicinal purposes. Much of the plant is water, but the outer leaf contains sap that is included in lotions and gels. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins / minerals and is also a fabulous source for skin care. It is used for skin conditions such as eczema, mild burns and scrapes.

Mascara – If you want to maximize volume, just buy mascara designed for volume. They are clearly marked. Ask the chemist assistant if you are not sure. More volume in the mascara means the more solid look deep into your eyes

Nail Polish – Apply a clear base coat before using a colored nail polish. The basecoat is important because it helps prevent nail polish from staining the nails; it also gives a smooth and even finish to apply the color. The best technique for applying nail polish is to do it in three shots: one in the center and one on each side. Keep cotton swabs and solvent easily on hand for fear of slipping them. Nails can be difficult to cover. Sit comfortably by placing one foot on a stool in front of you and separate each toe with dividers. Use cotton wool or rolled up wipes if you do not have a toe separator. Save time because you do not have to wait for the first coat to dry before the second application. The first layer will be wet again as soon as the solvent of the second comes into contact. Two thin layers dry faster than a thick layer can appear unsightly. Wait until it dries and apply the top layer to seal.

Some women do not agree with the three-step method. If you have large nails, paint all the nail, if you have short / small nails, paint the same. If you have short fingers, apply only nail polish in the center of the nail. Use light shadows for short, stocky hands and dark shades for a delicate look.

Foundation – Make sure you have removed all traces of makeup the day before applying fresh foundations. Makeup should be cleaned every night. A new layer of foundation on the remains of debris seems unattractive? Never rush a beauty pact with the face as it can have disastrous results. When you apply the foundation, the room is beautiful and bright. Low lighting will favor the color in a different tone.

Fragrance – Choosing the scent is not really simple. Remember that the smell of the smell of another person may not be the same on you. It is said that spicy musk arouses sexual emotions and vanilla is believed to be an aphrodisiac. The floral fragrances are perceived as fresh and soothing.

Skin types react differently to perfume, keep this in mind when testing.

Never rely on the sniffing scent of the bottle, spray or dab on the skin. Let stand for 5 minutes. Do not sample more than 4-5 flavors at a time, this will only disturb your judgment. Apply the odor at the pulse point on the wrist or in the crook of the elbow. The flowery perfumes are more ideal in the warm months. The perfume is best applied at the pulse points: the inner wrists, behind the ears, and the lower neck

Lip-liner -It is a blow to apply this beauty good, one does not have to rush and to have a firm hand. The lip pencil should be close to the same shade as your lipstick. Make sure your pencil is sharp enough to get a good line. A blunt pencil is a no.

Draw along the lips, starting at the center and working towards the edges, both sides of the middle each time; this gives the best shape and the smoothest line. Do not rush. The lip pencil should be applied before the lipstick. It makes sense to do smudging. Not recommended to cut the corners initiating this task.

Blusher -To get the best blush effect is to find a more natural to your skin coloring. The main object is to choose a color that matches the natural color of your cheeks.
Use a lighter color during the day and darker for the evening

Powder – Apply the face powder on the lips, it is said to make the lipstick last longer and avoid bleeding & # 39;

A common mistake made with eyeliner is to draw a thick black line through the lid, rather than working the pigment in the roots of the eyelashes. The ideal is to warm the pencil first on the back of your hand and to double the upper eyelid, to look upward and apply from under the eyelashes to get a line of mixture of bowl. If your eyes are small or deeply sunken, line the lower lashes, applying a dark shadow with a blunt brush for a softer effect. Black is poplar and suitable for everyone, yet learn to compliment

Emphasize blue eyes using warm shades; dark purple and blue work as well as shades of gold and copper, provided you keep a warm shade. Never be tempted to add it because it can ruin the look. The hazel eyes are fabulous with soft plums, brown greens and forest greens, while brown eyes are suitable for any color or shade of eye shadow.

Laughing Lines – All you need to hide the lines of laughter is a concealer pencil. Draw a few small lines near the edges of the mouth with a pencil, not too much. Use a sponge to blend in with the corner of your mouth – and presto, you'll crack a smile without the cracks.


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