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Pretty 24 is a new cream on the block. His publicity takes a hat to various stories associated with equity advertising in India; However, his communication is silent about the benefits of the product. Angry (or upset) women vent their anger while they feel betrayed by hordes of creams of fairness on the market. The advertisement ends with a product hit, claiming as a cream for every skin tone. The brand targets women between the ages of 20 and 35, as reported in Livemint.

Pretty good …

The market for the cream of equity in India is quite mature. From the general use Fairness creams to men's fairness creams to dark spots reduction of fairness creams to winter fairness creams; all conceivable subcategory promises were exploited to grow the market, which would be around 4500 INR crores, and growing! In such a scenario, the creation of cautious segmentation categories is the key to success for a new entrant on an overloaded platform because the "anti" position places the new entrant in direct competition with the rest. In addition, the ability to leverage the existing distribution network adds to the muscle mass so essential to success. On all these points, Pretty 24 is beautiful

The dark side …

Is Pretty 24 a little late? Is it built on a board or a carefully chosen intuition? Or, is it a manifestation of confusion at the end of marketing? Is it an idea whose time has reached its peak 10, 15 or 20 years ago?

In India, the factor of pride in the "clean" complexion has already gained ground; especially with girls-by-side to win titles such as Ms. India, Supermodel, etc. And to the buyer of premium international brands, the complexion has never been a problem. Over the years, most fairness cream brands have formulations that offer benefits beyond mild whitening to include at least skin hydration.

For Fair & # 39; y Tales buyers in semi-urban level II and III centers; it's still "fairness" until success. So who is targeting the Pretty 24 brand? And what is the "reason to buy" is to offer consumers (unless the next campaign reveals it).

The leader in the "Fairness" category, that is Fair & Lovely, went from "Fairness" to "Trust". 'Success'. There is more to the Fair & Lovely brand as evident in the tales told in this Fair & Lovely Foundation booklet. The foundation is doing its service to nurture talented young women.

It remains to be seen how the newcomer will affect him. Is Pretty 24 an attempt to cut an instant slice of the India's cream of equity market? Barely 1% of the share translates into INR 40-50 crore!

In all fairness …

Pretty 24 has to his credit to be not only another offer. It takes huge guts to experiment, to be different. The communication and the proposal make you aware of the brand. But will that make a dent? For the saliency of a brand is finally connect with (advantage offered) to consumers; and not just attempts to evoke resentment against other brands.


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