Facts About Curvy Women


As its name indicates, a sinuous body type is one that is characterized by curves. On the other hand, a curvy woman is a woman with a shape / hourglass silhouette. Period. This figure is characterized by wide hips, bust and thighs compared to the waist which is (the size) relatively narrow. When an individual mentions "a sinuous body type", he speaks to a lady. Round women are actually pretty and they gain a lot of men's attention. Did you know that round women are envied by other women? – Just because they are beautiful and adorable.

A good aspect that indicates a curvature is the size of the bust and the waist-hips ratio. The ideal waist / hip ratio is supposed to be 0.7 or even less. This corresponds to hip measurements that are up to 10 inches larger than the waist. When this is combined with a large bust size, then we come to the incredible figure – the winding woman.

The waist-hips report is one of the most important parameters of the determination of beauty. Many researchers have linked the ratio of 0.7 to overall attractiveness, across cultures for centuries.

Why do men like sinuous women?

There is no question that every man would like to be associated with a sinuous woman. They are beautiful and are worth "owning" – that's what men say. Meeting a curvy woman can be one of the best experiences in a person's life. It's a reward in every man's brain.

Facts about Curved Women

1. They are better

Round women are better in various aspects. This idea is an American concept that tends to associate curved women to be better when it comes to love. They are considered different since they have better characteristics and a better character.

2. They get attention

They develop their curves and other features sooner than other women and that's why they get men's attention faster than the men women with other body types. According to experts, well-formed hips are related to fertility as well as overall health.

The Bottom Line

All the arguments that have been advanced about curved ladies are true. In fact, if you are a man, the shape of a woman should influence your choice. Research studies have found that men appreciate women with more mature physical makeup like curves. This is particularly evident when men are threatened economically, physically and even socially. Therefore, the idea of ​​curvy ladies should never be taken lightly.


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