Family Reunions – Five Fantastic Indoor Games


Family reunions are so much fun! Uncles, aunts, grandparents, babies, nieces, nephews, young and old, meet in extended family. But what do you do if the weather is so dreadful that you can not enjoy an outdoor meeting? Try these five fantastic indoor games for family reunions.

Table Story is one of our favorite indoor lounge games. The players are sitting in a circle. A player begins the story with two or three sentences, ending in such a way that the next player can continue the story. For example, "George and Nathan had set up their camp and prepared the evening meal, they were both a little tired of the day, George checked the boiling billiards and noticed something different about the water. The next player can continue the story on the hike and camping, or she could modify it to include a flying saucer or a jet plane or anything else, as long as the story continues to make sense . The story can end after two or three rounds.

If you want a family reunion game that is more active, try Dumb Crambo. The players divide into two teams. The One team leaves the room while the two team picks a familiar word that can be played. The chosen word must have at least three other similar sound words that can also be mimicked. If you chose "drive", there are also "dive", "five" and "hive". Two One comes back and Team Two tells them one of the similar words ("hive"). The two team then tries to guess the correct word by mimicking words like "hive". No one is allowed to speak at all, except for the number two team that says "Boo, Hiss! if they mime a bad word, and "Hooray!" when they finally mime the right word. Teams Exchange Places on Each Round

Taps is an entertaining game for players sitting around a table. Each places his left hand on the table in front of the person on his left and his right hand in front of the person to his right, so that each player has a hand from each neighbor in front of them. At the beginning of the game, a player taps his left hand on the table without lifting his wrist. The player whose hand is immediately to the left of that hand (the second person to his left) then taps his hand. It continues in the same way around the table. Practice for a few minutes before playing the right game. Any player who does not touch his hand in a second, or moves the wrong hand, or taps his hand out of the turn, must remove his hand from the circle; If both hands are removed, you are out of play. As if it was not already hard enough, any player can press twice to reverse the direction of the game.

Another Favorite Game for our family is Fractionary. Each person has a sheet of paper and a pen / pencil. A player chooses an obscure word from a dictionary (such as "diptych", a painting on two tables that can close like a book) without making sense to other players. She writes the word and the definition on her paper while the other players write the word and a definition made up for the word. The first player collects all the documents and reads them anonymously. Players vote for the definition that they believe is good. Anyone who correctly guesses the definition gets two points, while a player receives one point each time someone chooses his definition. A new player chooses a word for each turn.

Chinese Whispers (also known as Rumors or Broken Telephone) is another fantastic team game. Two teams are lined up not to hear each other. An organizer whispers a phrase (like "Princess Alena sitting among the broken crowns and crying with stress") to the first player of each team. The sentence must then be whispered from one player to the other on the line WITHOUT REPEATING. The last player on each team whispers their version of the phrase to the organizer. When both players have said their sentence, the organizer reads them both, along with the original sentence. It's so much fun to hear how much this has changed over teams.

Family reunions are even more enjoyable with these five fantastic indoor games. Even non-participants can enjoy the pleasure of others. Try them for your next family reunion!


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