Famous Cases – What Can Happen If You Do not Have a Prenuptial Agreement


While well-known figures can handle much larger sums than the usual prenuptial agreement is used to help divide and protect, the basic fact is the same. Here is an overview of some of the celebrities who went without prenuptial agreements, and financially disastrous weddings.

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (divorced in 2007)
Friends, family, the press and the public were all convinced that Mills was a gold digger and that his marriage to McCartney would cost him dear . The former Beatles star, however, refused to listen and married the mining activist in 2002. Five years later, everything went wrong, and their union was ended in divorce courts. Without a prenuptial to protect him, McCartney saw fit to hire the lawyer who defended Prince Charles during his divorce from Princess Diana, Fiona Shackleton.

To a certain extent, this decision worked, and McCartney was ordered to hand over assets and cash payments almost entirely to Mills, while figures closer to $ 100 million had been mentioned in the media. On top of that, McCartney is needed to fund a nanny and school education for the Beatrice couple's daughter until the age of 18 – at a cost of $ 70,000 a year.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (divorced in 1996)
This was the royal wedding that delighted the world, but unfortunately ended in divorce courts. As mentioned above, Charles was represented by Fiona Shackleton, who had previously represented his brother Prince Andrew in his divorce from Sarah Ferguson. Princess Diana, who returned to Lady Diana after the divorce, has always received $ 25 million.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan (divorced in 2006)
When the divorce between the basketball player and his wife finally took place in 2006, problems had begun to be felt for some time; Juanita initially filed for divorce in 2002, although an attempt at reconciliation followed. After a 17-year marriage, Juanita finally received a seven-bedroom house in Chicago and $ 168 million. [19769002] Greg Norman (Golfer) and Laura Andrassy (Divorced 2007)
When golfer Greg Norman was suspected of having an affair with tennis star Chris Evert, his wife Laura filed for divorce. The ensuing battle was complicated, with Andrassy expressing against Evert to the media; which Norman violated a confidentiality agreement. On the occasion, Laura Andrassy received $ 107 million when her divorce was finalized in 2007. Norman then married Chris Evert.

Ray Parlor and Karen Parlor (divorced in 1998)
The name may not be familiar, but the dispute settlement between the English footballer Ray Parlor and his four-year-old wife is considered a historical event in the history of divorce. Karen first rented two houses and a lump sum of $ 450,000, but alimony could not be agreed. Finally, in 2004, a decision was made:

For the next five years, Karen would receive annual payments of about $ 900,000. This gave her access to her husband's future income after their divorce, rather than to her current assets; a historic decision. British lawyers reported an increase in prenuptial agreements following this decision.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.


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