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Celebrating Christmas is incomplete without presenting presents. But one question remains in the minds of people: "What is the purpose of celebrating Christmas? It is an ancient tradition that has been observed since time immemorial.

According to the Christian religion, the practice of presenting presents on Christmas was introduced by the "Biblical Mages," sometimes called "Three Wise Men" or "Three Kings." They wore three gifts to know:

· Incense: –

It was a perfume that was used by the Jewish people to worship.

· Gold: –

Christian Community. They portrayed Jesus as the "King of Kings".

· Myrrh: –

It was a perfume that was sprayed on corpses for the perfume. This denotes that Jesus would go through trials and expire.

These three wise men traveled far from the East and began their quest for "The Divine Child" with the purpose of presenting him gifts. The first contact with the "Divine Infant" took place at the Epiphany celebration on January 6th. From this day on, the practice of giving has become very popular.

The twelve days of Christmas are observed from December 25 to January 6. It's a period between Christmas and Epiphany. The old church did not follow the concept of celebrating Christmas because it did not consider it a suitable occasion. With the advance of the modern era, the practice of the gift has gained immense popularity among the public. They started exchanging gifts on special occasions and holidays.

During the nineteenth century, the concept of gift took on new dimensions thanks to the famous works of renowned writers, including O. Henry, Charles Dickens and Thomas Nast. They have also played a crucial role in introducing legendary figures such as "Santa Claus".

In most European countries like Italy and the United Kingdom, Christmas presents are often placed in shoes or boots. In the United States, gifts are placed in stockings that are hung near a fireplace. In some countries, special gifts for friends and family members are kept under the Christmas tree.

Christmas presents are unpacked at different times in various countries of the world. In Holland, the gifts are usually open during the Saint-Nicolas who falls on December 5th. In Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and some European countries, gifts are opened during the month of December, the day of St. Nicholas.

Some of the best Christmas gift delivery options offered by popular companies are listed below

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· One X Tree 'Mas Feet with Magenta Star' (19659002) · Set of Three Design Hanging Bells [19659002] · Set of ten design candles

· Santa hat

· A pair of Santa socks

· Santa Claus Plush

The delivery of Christmas presents online ensures that your loved ones receive incredible gifts in a click of the mouse.


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