Fantastic Make-Up Tips


Makeup Tips

1. Always apply a moisturizer or a primer on your skin before applying the foundation, the primer will help fill in the fine lines as well has made your foundation slide easier to help create even coverage .

2. When you choose a foundation for a cream-based base or a base that contains silicone, this will also fill the lines while making your skin silky and smooth.

3. Beware and do not use a lot of powder or powder at all as this will settle in the fine lines on the face making them more interested.

4. Always keep in mind less is less, less eye contour and neutral eyes and beware of super white skin, appearing white is hard on the skin and will make the skin look hard. A better option is slightly tanned skin, lighter eyes and clear lips.

5. Never be afraid to use shadows or frosty shimmers. People say that it will highlight the unwanted lines on the face and yes that is true if you use a lot of give a little glamor and sparkle. I always tend to use either a gel or shimmer as one of my colors and for my second color I will use a matte neutral color. Lighter eyes will look softer on more mature skin. Darker colors will bring out dark circles under the eyes.

6. When I apply makeup for eyeshadows, I will always make sure that the lid has been lightly covered with foundation and set with powder to prevent the lid from being creased and that the The eye shadow is not creased.

7. When you apply your eyeshadow, you want to make sure that your shadow is mixed at the outer corner of the eye, this will give your eye the illusion that your eye is tilting towards the eye. high, if you apply your shadow in the natural direction or downward it will drop your eye making you appear as if your eye sagged.

8. Some individual false eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye will help lift the outer corner of the eye.

9. Blush placement will make all the difference, by applying your blush on the apple of the cheek and let so sweep the face. To find the right placement, place your blush brush at the corner of your month until the end of your ear and you will see your line, do not start to blush to get closer to your nose, start in line with it. iris of your eye and then to your ear on your line.

10. The cream blush looks much softer on the skin and will give a more rosy finish. Ideal for a soft look.

11. Keep lips soft and more natural tones and always use a lip pencil to define your lips. Darker lip colors will make your lips appear thinner.


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