Fashion Tip Cure for the "Fat Days"


Whether you are a size 2 or a size 12, all women share the "big day" enigma. The days you stand in front of the mirror trying a shirt after each other only to finish exhausted and sweaty with always nothing to wear. To save yourself the trouble of trying all your closet in an attempt to hide the belly that suddenly seems to have grown up at night, creating a "big day" collection will save you some of the time, l & # 39; 39, energy and nerves.


A great way to hide the stomach is to get tunics. These are fluid tops that do not stick to your body. Since transparent fabrics are really in the moment, opting for a diaphanous tunic is a great solution for hiding the top and belly of the muffins without having deformed air. Opt for darker colors, they always make you look smaller. Choose tops that are light and fall gently to the sides without hanging on problem areas. If you tend to have bigger hips, make sure the hem of the shirt does not fall to the widest point of your hip, it will make you look bigger, choose a top that falls just right. above or below the widest point. Stay away from horizontal stripes unless you want to take the form of a refrigerator. Billowy tops are also perfect for hiding the belly and muffin top. Make sure you get the right size to avoid looking too bulky and deformed. As with the tunic, make sure the length does not strike you at your widest point.

Show Your Items:

Instead of worrying about your belly, wear something to draw attention to your trumps, be it legs, neck, eyes or shoulders. Accentuate your collarbone and neck with a V-neck top. Wear a short tunic dress to show off your legs while realizing to hide the belly. Any kind of embroidery or beads or patterns that surround the chest will automatically attract the attention of the middle part. Wearing a little more makeup is another fashion board that draws eyes to the face and away from the body, make sure your palette is ready for attention. If you have good arms, halters are an ideal way to showcase them. Invest in a halter that drapes at the front for a sexy and elegant look. Any kind of drape in front works wonders to hide the belly. Darker colors always give you smaller air. so opt for darker and lighter funds. If you want to brighten your entire frame, go for a dark top and dark backgrounds.

Once you've figured out what clothes will be used for your puffy or "fat" days, you'll know exactly what you need to achieve instead of trying all your closet while ransacking your self-esteem .


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