Fashion Tips for Pulling Off Summer Trends


In every season, there are new fashion trends that sometimes pop up like wildflowers and sometimes come back from hibernation. From bright colors to cropped tops, this summer we are moving away from the traditional rules of fashion art and are trying a more daring approach that involves mixing different styles, colors and patterns. Color blocking, crop tops and maxi skirts are the three major trends that seem to dominate the fashion scene this summer.

Color Blocking
Bright colors like turquoise, magenta, yellows and plums bring all the other colors to the color wheel. This season, women are encouraged to match colors such as plum and mandarin, blue and yellow, turquoise and fuchsia. On all tracks from Prada to Gucci, these palettes and color combinations are stimulating and energizing. One thing to consider with this trend are the extra looks and looks that will surely come your way, so make sure you are ready for attention. Maybe what has been seen before as a conflict erupts with a new kind of popularity. If you want to get away from solids, you can choose from many models that embody this color palette. If you tend to be pair-shaped (smaller on the top with a wider lower half), try associating a colorful patterned top with a darker, solid bottom for a balanced and fashionable look. .

Crop Tops
These tummies have taken over the summer fashion. Yves Saint Laurent, Rodarte and Salvatore Ferragamo all featured crop top with maxi skirts or pants on their tracks. Although a flat stomach is preferred for this trend, a fashion tip if you have a belly bag is to pair a crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt, shorts or pants to hide the crop. Stomach and draw attention to your ribcage. Opt for bright colors like magenta, orange, green and blue. If you have never worn a crop top before, I encourage you to try this style; you may be surprised at the result.

Long Skirts
Long, flowing skirts are a fresh breath of maxi dresses. Always sexy and seductive these skirts have a variety factor of endless pairing. Color block a maxi skirt with a crop top for a fashionable and fun outfit. There are many styles of maxi skirts, so you will be sure to find a type that fits your personality and always allows you to be in the trend. Kate Bosworth, Mary Kate and Anne Hathaway are just a few of the few Hollywood starlets that embrace these summer trends.


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