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Tired of the same old boring room? Do you hate to see your dull bedroom dull every time you come home from work? Or if you are a housewife, are you tired of seeing the same room every day? If the answer is "yes," then here are some decorating ideas that will help you turn your dull house into a dazzling and fashionable home.

First comes the bedroom. Ecological products are at stake. Wait! Are you worried that eco friendly leaves you with the same boring options? Think twice. The concept of environmentally friendly products has undergone a huge change. A new clan of environmentally friendly designers has proven that you do not have to be old fashioned to be environmentally friendly. You can be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Textured fabrics and materials are the "in-thing". Try to capture various aspects of the outside world in the four walls of your room. It can be music, nature or even Hollywood. Try to use lightweight fabrics for your room. Your bed linen does not have to be heavy material. This will only make it difficult to manage. You can use a lot of cushions and curtains in your room.

Decorating ideas for flooring encourage you to use natural materials for flooring. This will make your floor compact and more durable. At the same time, it will make the air more fashionable. You can use hardwood, paint or ecological cork for this purpose. Floral patterns are back in fashion. But it can be a risk of handling floral. If you are not sure, do not use much of it or your room will look too showy.

Keep the walls white. If, however, you feel confident, you can try beautiful floral backgrounds. You can also put candles in your living room. The time you spend with a loved one will be accentuated with the discomfort created by candlelight.

These are the 2009 home decorating ideas. 2009 is also a year of innovation and creativity. So this year, why not become creative and try something new?


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