Father's Day


1. A renowned poet and novelist as well as the chair of poetry at the University of Cambridge, the father of this Academy Award-winning actor wrote mysteries under the pseudonym Nicholas Blake

. Jack Nicholson

B. Charlie Sheen

C. Day Daniel Lewis

D. Rob Schneider

C. Day Daniel Lewis

QQ: Of course, it seemed like a difficult question, but really you had a shot of fifty-fifty, is not it? After all, we all know what Charlie Sheen's father does and the last time I checked that Rob Schneider did not win any academic awards.

2. Social scientists believe that the modern Western family developed largely from that of the ancient Hebrews for what reason?

Their families were of patriarchal structure

B. It was a matriarchal society

C. It was an oligarchy

D. The Hebrews called their god "Father"

A. Their families were of patriarchal structure

QQ: There, now you must feel better after QuizQueen gave you an easy one …

3. Which "father" does not exist?

Father Cats

B. Father's Dogs

C. Father Christmas

D. Father Divine

B. Father Dogs

QQ: Father Cats was a Dutch writer, Father Christmas was English Santa Claus and Father Divine was an American religious leader.

4. Who was first named "Father of his country"?

A. George Washington

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. Emperor Augustus

D. Napoleon Bonaparte

C. Emperor Augustus

QQ: In 2 BC. AD, the Roman Emperor Augustus is made Pater Patriae ("Father of his country").

5. Which ancient Greek god was least likely to celebrate Father's Day?

Zeus, father of the gods

B. Iapetus, father of Prometheus

C. Hyperion, father of the sun, moon and dawn

D. Cronos, god of fertility

D. Cronos, god of fertility

QQ: It's because Cronos (Kronus) castrated his father and protected himself from a similar fate by eating his children. A god of fertility, huh?

6. If you are a first-born son, is it a good thing or a bad thing for your father to practice primogeniture?


B. Bad

C. It depends

D. Who cares

A. Good

QQ: It's because your inheritance is guaranteed under this system. He can not cut you off, no matter what!

7. The American actor Robert Young starred in the television show devoted to fathers in 1950

A. Father knows best

B. Leave it to daddy

C My three fathers

D. I dream of dad

A. Father knows better

QQ: It was a gimmee, is not it?

8. Which star of "Make Room For Daddy" spawned "That Girl"?

A. Danny Thomas

B. Carl Reiner

C. Monty Gleason

D. Jon Voight

A. Danny Thomas

QQ: Everyone knows that Marlo was "That Girl ", is not it?

9. Which "father" does not exist?

Father Flanagan

B. Father Coughlin

C. Father Damien

D. Father Clinton

D. Father Clinton

QQ: Well, okay, maybe Bill is a father, but it is certainly not what he is known for! Father Flanagan (of course) founded Boys Town, Father Coughlin was a priest and Canadian-American activist, and Father Damien was a Belgian missionary

. The ancient Egyptian deity Amon was represented by what animal?


B. Leo

C. Dog

D. Rat

A. Ram

QQ: He was the father of the moon, according to mythology.

11. Who was NOT one of the "father" roles of Spencer Tracy?

Father of the Bride

B. The Little Dividend of the Father

C. City of the Boys (Father Flanagan)

D. Father Knows Better

D. Father Knows Better

QQ: That's right, Spencer Tracy was the "father of the bride" long before Steve Martin!

12. Which company is NOT patrilineal?


B. Ewe

C. Shawnee

D. Touareg

D. Touareg

QQ: How many people guessed Ewe? It was quite difficult to The QuizQueen was not it!

13. According to Greek mythology, the god of sleep was the father of Morpheus. What was his name?


B. Doseus

C. Napinus

D. Snoozola

A. Hypnos

QQ: Hypnos sleep god, often depicted wearing a poppy; son of Nyx, brother of Thanatos, and father of Morpheus

14. Which blue-eyed crooner spawned a singer whose boots were made for walking?

A. Elvis Presley

B. Bing Crosby

C. Frank Sinatra

D. Ricky Nelson

C. Frank Sinatra

QQ: Nancy Sinatra recorded "These boots are made for walking "for those who do not remember!

15. What happens when a father practices the custom of the couvade?

He goes to bed and complains of labor pains

B. He circumcises his son

C. He demands a DNA test to verify paternity

D. The male penguin helps the female in s Sitting on the nest

A. He goes to bed and complains of the pains of childbirth

QQ: Documented by Marco Polo and modern anthropologists, he is regarded as the affirmation his rights and responsibilities as a father in some cultures.

16. According to Greek mythology, who was the father of gods and mortals?


B. Hades

C. Poseidon

D. Zeus

D. Zeus

QQ: If Homer said it then it must be true! However, it was more of an honorary title than a practical title.

17. The country singer Tex _____ spawned a star who, among others, played a role in Three's Company. What is Tex's last name?

A. Ritter

B. Somers

C. Knots

D. Williams

A. Ritter

QQ: And he was John Ritter's dad of course!

18. Can you name the father-son duo acting where the father was Spartacus and the son become president (on screen)?

Kirk and Michael

B. Donald and Kieffer

C. Martin and Charlie

D. James and Josh

A. Kirk and Michael

QQ: That would be of course the Douglases! Did you know that if Kirk had not changed his name, they would be Danielovich?


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