Female Orgasm Facts She'd Like You to Learn – Caution – Only For Men Who Love Beautiful Women


Well guys …… Who else wants to learn some facts about female orgasm that we would like to let you know? If you have the ambition to get a crowd of pretty women, it's HIGH time when you'll learn the kind of thing that makes it REALLY its climax. The truth is that there is a vast and woolly world of advice about female orgasms, sexy techniques and strategies that it is important to know ….. and NOT enough men who know them . So, let's work on counting you in the "crowd" below. (no pun intended) Keep reading!

Does she orgasm every time we have sex?

Probably not. The truth is that only a very small percentage of women recognize having an orgasm at EVERY sexual contact (about 10%) and there is a good chance that unless you are REALLY a magical maestro between the leaves, this is not the case. will not be your girl!

Does this mean that women simply can not have an orgasm easily?

No. In fact, many women can have an orgasm EVERY TIME they indulge in personal gratification, which makes it possible to be noticed that it is them, and not you who have the problem.

What can I do to boost my performance?

Easy. Two words. No more preliminaries. The truth is that nothing makes a woman turn more than the man who perfectly masters the fabulous and phenomenal preliminaries. The more attention you are able to give her some very sexy spots ….. the more likely she's going to have to have an amazing orgasm and often!


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