Female Self Arousal – The Tantric Way to Female Sexual Power and Fulfillment


Too often, women's sensuality, sexuality, and innate sexual power are diminished, disintegrated, and blunted by rushing around the house, after children, step-parents, outlaws, and bosses . Over time, she becomes tired, stressed and frustrated, and the sensual pleasure is considered a rare indulgence and the awakening of a past memory. Over time, she may find that her behavior has completely disappeared.

If this sounds like you, then it's time to explore your female sexual arousal and regain your sexual power.

In Tantra (ancient Indian philosophy), a woman is considered a divine being, all to be worshiped and admired. All parts of the human body were to be appreciated and the close friends were regarded with respect and reverence. The vagina is associated with no vulgar term in tantric texts, but rather with love called "sacred space" in the center of the world – through which all life is given. After everything we call comes kicking and screaming.

The texts of Tantra detail volumes of techniques, exercises, visualizations, practices specially designed for the awakening of women

competence in its own right. In the Tantric tradition, female excitement is not a quick stop, but a sophisticated series of sensations that spread gently over the body, mind and soul. Climax had to be delayed until waves of pleasure had crossed the body.

The Awakening of Women is a tool whereby the mind, body and soul of a woman unite to experience her intimacy, pleasure, and goodness -being and his satisfaction. To experience this state of the art, take the time to love and worship your divine self on a regular basis. Keep in mind the following:

Explore what awakens your mind: Think of words, images, smells, tastes that start to trigger excitement or stimulation.

Explore what nourishes your soul: Get in touch with your emotions. Imagine that your body is excited and feel the emotions that emerge. What do you feel? Cultivate emotions that you associate with feminine empowerment and feminine sensuality. Is it joy? self-love? Bliss?

Explore what inspires and pleases your body: adorn the body with sensual clothing. Body pleasure with touch and massage. Experiment with different touches and strokes on your body and see the ones you love the most.

Become a master of feminine sensual arousal – awakening women. Re-claim your sexual power, and learn to wake up when, where and how you want.


Source by Rebecca E Adams

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