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Feng Shui House Managers apply for houses and apartments, although many people fear that lofts, condos and costumes are more exposed to bad chi. The only thing that differentiates houses and apartments in terms of Feng Shui home design is the presence and absence of the surrounding land. For homes this is another environment to remedy and restore in terms of chi balance. In the case of the apartment, all the control of the context will be centered on the inside, with all the challenges that wall sharing brings. The rules of the house exclusively feng shui interior must counter the bad influence of noise, odors and vibrations of neighbors on the inhabitants of an apartment.

The analysis of home feng shui also involves the study of front and rear structures as they are differentiated for homes. On the other hand, the apartments tend to follow the light source, looking towards the windows, but the problem in such circumstances would be the entrance which is usually dark because it is more located towards the center of the building. Offsets exist in the feng shui design of an apartment. You can attract more positive energy when you can make the choice of the floor you want to live in, not to mention that selecting the apartment with the best view is another important point to benefit from the terms of the Feng Shui arrangement.

Many of the feng shui home councils are misinterpreted leading to incorrect applications. For example, many people avoid putting their aquarium in the kitchen because they consider that the water will extinguish the element of fire specifically to this area of ​​the house. Such a principle must be understood symbolically, especially since the presence of the water tank in the kitchen could increase the prosperity of the house. Another fake house trick of feng shui is that of never keeping books in the room since they will catch you and prevent a good sleep. False!

Unfortunately, many other examples of fake myths like those presented above are present in feng shui home guides that are bought and used by people all over the world. The next question here is how to recognize what is right and what is wrong. The first tip is to use your intuition and not to go to the rules that say "never" or "always". True feng shui home applications will always take the individual factor into consideration since each person is a unique entity and the generalities must be particularized.


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