Fight Acne With the Acne Diet


The medical literature, for the most part, suggests to suggest that acne is caused by four main factors. These factors include skin contamination by bacteria, pore blockage by external substances, inflammation of the skin tissue and the impact of overactive oil glands. There is, however, a fifth factor that appears when we look at the literature dealing with acne and the factors that cause it. This factor tends to appear more in the literature on the "alternative". and & # 39; complementary & # 39; perspective of medicine. This fifth factor is the diet. The fact is that these holistic health professionals, who advocate that diet is a major factor that affects the state of health, argue that acne is caused by the consumption of foods rich in materials fat, high in carbohydrates and low in fiber. These holistic health thinkers claim that to combat the problem of acne, one must adopt what one can call a diet against acne.

This fifth factor has gained more credibility in recent years because of research findings in the field of diet and acne that show that people who follow a vegetarian type diet usually have less acne problems. In the Pacific Island regions and in parts of Africa, it has been found that the problem of acne is almost non-existent. Even among the young people of these societies, research has shown that cases of acne breakouts are not very close to the levels recorded in Western cultures. The reality is that in these areas, the vegetarian diet is the type of diet primarily observed. This is in stark contrast to what happens in most, if not all, western cultures. The fact is that a meat-based diet is still prevalent in the western regions of the world. The majority of people in the western regions of the world eat meat and meat products. Of course, there is a small percentage of people in the western parts of the world who claim to be vegetarians or vegans. You can bet your last dollar as this percentage is indeed very low even though the number of people deciding to become vegetarian or vegan has increased.

The acne diet appeals to the dieter to eat fruit, especially those that are red and orange in color. The fruits that are red or orange are known to have rejuvenating properties of the skin, helping to fight the condition of acne by keeping the skin healthy. Apples figure prominently on the list of fruits that help fight acne and keep skin healthy. The fact is that apples contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that help keep the skin vibrant.

Thus, the diet against acne promotes the consumption of fruits, especially those that are red and orange in color. Vegetables are also considered an important part of the diet against acne. Most vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is very effective in fighting acne because of its antioxidant powers. Vitamin E helps protect skin cells against the degenerative effects of free radicals that play a major role in the formation of diseases in the body.

Vegetables are also high in fiber, which is necessary to facilitate intestinal transit. It should be noted that proper bowel evacuation is important, not only to keep the colon clean but also to help the body eliminate these harmful toxins. The acne diet also calls for the inclusion of more peas in the diet. Peas such as green peas and lentil peas are a good source of protein. Peas, as well as broccoli, have also favored the digestive system, which is obviously essential since the proper digestion of one of its foods is always important.


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