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With Internet offering many solutions to the needs of the home, it's not far from the day when home improvement information will be completely available. The only drawbacks that this information can provide are the diagrams, which must be compared with the real things in the house when it is necessary to improve the current conditions of the house. When talking about comparison, the other best way to compare is with the help of renovation books.

There are many books of home improvement available on the market. But there are only a few books that people would like to read from time to time. The few books that are mentioned in this article are considered the best books of renovation:

Common sense pest control

Written by Bill and Helga Olkowski and Sheila Daar (from Taunton Press in 1991)

Pests invade homes, gardens and human bodies (the book also contains information on lice). This book guides the user to the weaknesses of different parasites that will help control the invasion.

Renovation: A Complete Guide

Author Michael W. Litchfield (of Sterling Publications in 1977)

The book offered a comprehensive guide to the restoration of old homes who needed perfection and at the same time offered security to the old walls. With over a thousand photographs and illustrations available in the book taken by the author from the old houses that he has restored will give a perfect example for those planning a renovation.

A Model Language

Written by Christopher Alexander, Murray Silverstein and Sara Ishikawa

Page 1,171 covered all the problems and their solutions to more than 200 design problems, which included a city map to a staircase in a house. Regarded as the most influential book for architectures around the world.


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