Findhorn and the Hand of Fate


Air traffic controllers were on strike when we were in Europe. Sherry and I were forced to travel by boat and train as a result, on our way to Paris from London. We arrived before noon at the Gare du Nord which was the main station of Paris. When I spoke to Marsha on my return, I was surprised to learn that she had been to Europe at the same time as me. She and I have never been to Europe before. When she told me that she had been to The North Station at what could have been exactly the same time or at least about the same time, I knew more than ever that I was bumping into her. hand of destiny & # 39; . Marsha had a lot of stories to tell me but the most significant was related to his trip to Findhorn which we had talked about seeing together at one point. She was still without a man in her life and it saddened me. I included an excerpt from a book on Findhorn for those who are not familiar with the wonderful circumstances of this sacred part of our planet.

The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken in 1975, with a title "The extraordinary community where man cooperates with plants, where people are transformed, where nothing is impossible and where the legends are reborn. " begins with the following passage:

"In the Kingdom of the Wind

There have been stories in the press and other media about a small community in the north of Scotland called Findhorn where people talk to plants with amazing results of vegetable gardens and flowers animated by angelic shapes where one hears pipes in the winds – stories of plants performing incredible feats of growth and growth. endurance: 40-pound cabbages, 8-foot dolphins and roses blooming in the snow – all within short radius of the polar circle – Don Juan and Tolkien together, where the elemental world of plants and animals co-operate with fairs, elves and the gnomes to create a land where nothing is impossible … a cold wind-blown peninsula in the North Sea like sandy and worthless like your local beach …

With these incredible tales and incredible, I have I left America for Scotland to look for the Findhorn Gardens. What I found seems bigger than a 40-pound cage. The fairies and the elves seem to tame things compared to what we live there. Findhorn can be a manifestation of a light and power that could transform our planet during life, or an illusory bubble on the murky waters of the world civilization that will burst, leaving no passage. A born skeptic, I can appreciate that much of what you read will seem improbable and unbelievable. I do not ask you to believe this story because it is written through the eyes of one man. Every aspect of creation has as many realities as perceptions. "

The comment that he makes about" leaving no trace "is quite appropriate when one takes it into the historical perspective of what has happened across the world. story: Marsha is an Aquarius and has fully explored her psychic attributes Joke I only knew a little how important it was to me and that I found my role in relationships with others, it did not have me Surprised that she saw the little people.In fact I would have doubted their existence if she had not seen them, there were other aspects of this one and only trip to Europe which m & rsquo; Made me realize that my relationship with Sherry had major difficulties, my commitment to Sherry and marry Marsha, but I never discussed it with Marsha When I talked to her, I always found that my love for Sherry was strong and my refusal or stubbornness Vis-a-vis psychic or spiritual hand Destiny was something that still raged in my psyche. We have always been able to refer to these things and have learned a lot, but there was always a gap or a need for additional evidence that separated us. Maybe it was an ego issue and my need to be the teacher that did not exist in the relationship with Marsha. Maybe I'm a martyr or a masochist but I kept putting Sherry on a pedestal.

There was an endless stream of psychic things going on in my life. It has become ordinary and, in some ways, less important. It was just board games or stuff and traps if I was not really going to do anything with it. It takes a lot of courage though; people are scared and threatened or they think you are bragging when you share these things. The resulting projections of these fears and so-called motivations about me were not something that I could easily handle because of the real joy and satisfaction of the ego that they always had me bought.


Source by Robert Baird

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