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Christmas is an excellent time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to meet his friends, colleagues and family. It's also a time for parties galore. How many calories do you put on your waist during Christmas?

One way to keep size at the waist during the holiday season is to include many games and activities. Here are five fantastic Christmas games for groups to make your next Christmas party even more fun. Each player receives a pen or pencil and a piece of paper with the fourteen letters M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, written on the left side of the paper. If you are some sort of organized person, you can distribute sheets of paper already printed with the letters or ask each participant to write the letters themselves (assuming they can spell!). On a given signal, players must go around the room and look for autographs of other players for each letter. However, players can only sign next to a letter if their first or last name contains that letter. They can only sign their name once on each sheet of paper, so you will have to find three different players for the three letters "R", for example. Give players enough time to meet and get to know each other before starting the next game.

Christmas Carol Relay is a musical game that really tests the memory of Christmas carolers. The players divide into two teams. A team begins to sing the first verse of a Christmas carol. As soon as they finish, the opposing team starts singing a different song, etc. Teams must not repeat a song that has been sung by one or the other team and they only have five seconds to start a new song. This game is best played before songs are sung at the party, for obvious reasons.

The Christmas Card Hunting is suitable for young children as well as adults. You can play with about four to six players for each round. Before the party, gather at least three old Christmas cards for each player. Make sure each card is different from the others. Cut them in half before putting the top of the cards in a box and spreading the lower halves in the room or in a confused pile. At the beginning of the game, the players take a card from the box and try to find the corresponding half of the card. Once they've paired a map, they can grab a second map top and so on. The first player to match three whole cards wins. You can play as many games as you want so that everyone can participate.

The Christmas bells game requires some preparation before the party. You will need to buy enough small bells for each player to have one. The bells must be small enough to be hidden in your hand. A bell should be painted or otherwise marked so that it is different from all other bells. The players receive the bells, then move around the room, approach each other and say "Jingle Bells". The first person to say "Jingle Bells" can then guess which of the other player's hands is hiding his bell. If successful, they exchange bells. They can not approach that player until each of them has approached another player. Players continue to move around the room, exchanging bells, for a minute, until the leader gives a signal. The player who holds the color bell is out and one of the unstained bells is removed from the game. The game continues (with one less player and one less bell per turn) until you reach the end of the game. there are only two or three players left (the winners).

The Secret of Christmas is a slightly quieter game. Players sit in a circle. The leader is holding a wrapped Christmas box and says, "This Christmas, I'm going to have …" and name a gift that he will receive before throwing the package to another player. This player also says "This Christmas I'm getting …" and completes the sentence. However, only a few gifts are allowed and the manager can tell them if they have chosen a suitable gift or not. If a player says a bad gift, he has to get up. The parcel is thrown from person to person and anyone offering a gift that does not correspond to secrecy gets up. Later, if a standing player chooses a correct gift, he can sit down again. So, what is the secret for gifts? The gift must begin with the initial of that player's first name. For example, Trevor might say, "This Christmas, I'm going to have a tennis racket," while Rachel can say, "This Christmas, I'm going to have roses." Alternative secrets may include (i) six-letter gifts, (ii) beginning with the letters of the word Christmas, (iii) depicted while the Christmas box is held in the player's left hand, (iv) red in color , and etc.

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