Five home repairs that must be made before selling your home


Most of us are in a perpetual state of improvement of the habitat: these needs must be tweaked, we must repair them, we must replace something else. While some of us are doing home improvement at different times of the year, there is a time that this has to be done: just before you are ready to sale.

Now, that does not mean that you need to completely improve your home: no demolition ball or architect is really necessary. But, there are some essential tasks to get a sale. Consider our list of the following five:

The Floors: Over the years, floor trends have changed dramatically. Hardwood, carpet, linoleum, there is a variety of choices that a house can have. Unfortunately, some homes still have the choices made by their original owners. If you have a home with soft wood that has become fluffy, linoleum that has been peeled, or a yellow and orange hair carpet that occasionally asks you for a Bee Gees concert, you may want to replace your floor before your home does not pass on the market.

Walls: If your walls could speak, they could say, "Paint me". Before you put a house on the market, you should do it. A new coat of paint gives the house a fresh, clean look and, like Botox for your home, younger. It also helps to cover cracks, crackles and occasional bumps that the walls meet extremely. When painting walls, do not forget the ceiling: you may not spend all your time watching, but that does not mean that potential buyers will not.

Windows: New windows are expensive, but they do not sell your home. Nothing takes an old house up to a few notches like new windows. If you can not afford new windows, be sure to have them cleaned professionally before your house is put on the market. You might also want to paint window sills and buy new mini-blinds.

The Roof: The owners are not only on the market for a roof over their heads; they are on the market for a roof that does not leak, does not sag, and does not need a ton of repairs. But, the roof is not the only outside element that justifies the repair. Ironing the driveway, planting flowers, attaching knives, picking weeds, caulking windows and doors, and touching up paint should be done as needed. The outside of your home is the thing that buyers see foremost: it's what makes the first – and most important – impression.

The bathroom and the kitchen: You might not realize it, but the bathroom and the kitchen are the most important parts of your home. Doing repairs or improving these parts will automatically ensure increased value for your home. So even if the room requires a new carpet or if the basement requires to be finished, focus first on the kitchen and the bathroom. The bedroom and the basement know not to take it too personally.


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