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Have you ever promised your wife or yourself that you would set a day that you call the home repair day? It's the day when everything around the house is repaired!

The intentions are always good. However, at the end of the day, there is still a lot to do. Has it ever happened to you?

In retrospect, (which is usually a 20/20 vision), we find that we are defeated by tinkering with insignificant things. Indeed, we are diverted from our initial intentions. Things that should have been done have been left out.

What has happened to us is indicative of the society in which we live. Everyone is busy. Many to busy doing the important things around the house.

How you manage the important things you do determines how productive you will be. Being productive and being busy are two completely different things.

Do you know what tail-dogging is? That's when the tail stirs the dog. Things are happening back part before. Do you feel that from time to time? In control but not really exercising control. Swept by the tide?

Still promising to spend some time with children but never succeed in doing so? My suggestion is to be a Nike man! Advertising says, "do it right!" & # 39;

Do not get carried away, do something. Do not speak, wish and hope. Do it!
I know you know what you have to do. You just need to take this important step. Do it today. Start it. Do it!


Source by Tyrone O. Lindsay

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